09 Tempoe Llc on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
September 21, 2023

You checked your credit, and 09 Tempoe LLC is listed there, or maybe they’re calling you, and you have no idea why. If you find yourself in this situation, your top priority is getting it off your credit, so it no longer affects your score. You might also be interested in stopping phone calls or correspondence from this company.

What Is 09 Tempoe LLC?

09 Tempoe LLC, or Tempoe, is a company that once accepted applications to provide consumers with alternative financing. Consumers could use Tempoe LLC to finance large purchases, even if they had no credit or bad credit, such as jewelry or electronics.

This nontraditional lender offered loans for a minimum of five months, and the company had headquarters in Ohio.

Tempoe, when it offered financing, would provide consumers with instant decisions. Along with jewelry and electronics, other things that could be financed using loans from the company included mattresses, tires, fitness equipment, and appliances.

The only things required to qualify for a loan from 09 Tempoe LLC were a photo ID, a social security number or taxpayer ID, a valid phone number and email address, and an electronic payment method. Borrowers also had to be at least 18 years old.

While Tempoe doesn’t offer new financing, they still exist as a company and collect on past loans given to consumers.

Why Is 09 Tempoe LLC Calling Me?

If this company is calling you, it’s because they believe you owe them a debt. You might have gotten a loan through the company, and now they’re trying to collect it, or there could be a mistake.

Is 09 Tempoe LLC a Legitimate Company?

While the company isn’t a scam, alternative financing like what was provided by 09 Tempoe LLC can easily become problematic. If you don’t have the credit to otherwise qualify for traditional financing, you may struggle to repay any loan.

According to the Better Business Bureau, there is a pattern of problematic complaints against Tempoe. Some of the customer complaints cited by the BBB against Tempe include:

  • Customers say they didn’t feel like they were fully informed of all the terms and conditions of an agreement they entered into.

According to BBB reviews, many Tempoe customers thought they were entering into a rent-to-own agreement with the company. They say they weren’t fully informed about their buyout options and terms and conditions or the timeframe for repayment that applied to their agreement with Tempoe. 

  • There are consumer complaints that say billing practices aren’t consistent.

Specifically, consumers reported feeling that Tempoe started billing them differently than what they agreed to in their original lease agreements. For example, the payment dates or the amounts due stated in their original agreements may have differed from one another.

  • Consumers report never opening an account with Tempoe.

Despite saying they have no recollection of having an account with Tempoe or entering into any agreement with them, they saw them reported on their credit.

  • Some people report that they’ve paid their loans with the company as agreed, yet they are shown as having late payments.

Because Tempoe would set up automatic debits for amounts to be taken out of consumers’ accounts each week, there are numerous reports from consumers who say this continued to happen, yet Tempoe was reporting they were behind on their payments anyway. Also, many consumers said they couldn’t reach anyone at the company for help on the issue.

  • Complaints allege that despite their loan with the company being paid in full, they keep debiting money from their account.
  • The business is listed on some people’s credit reports, and they don’t know why, but they, as a result, are being prevented from renting an apartment or opening new accounts. 
  • Many people feel as if their personal information has been used fraudulently to get loans with Tempoe, but then they can’t reach anyone on the customer service team to start to figure out the problem.

What Are Your Rights When Dealing with 09 Tempoe LLC?

Every consumer has certain rights regarding their credit report and how information is obtained and used. First, there is a law, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). This law focuses primarily on how businesses report information to the three credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion, and how the information in your credit file is accessed and used.

Because of the FCRA, every consumer has the right and opportunity to dispute anything on their credit report that they feel isn’t accurate. That could mean part of the information is wrong, such as your payment dates, or the account is wrong. For example, maybe you never had an account with 09 Tempoe LLC, yet they’re reporting negative information on your credit.

Either way, once a dispute is submitted to a company about something related to your credit file, that company then, under the law, has 30 days to investigate. The company has to report its findings and make changes or updates as necessary to your credit report and the information they have on file.

While this is the law, and companies are required to be compliant, it’s not always easy for consumers to manage the dispute process independently. You could try to dispute a debt with 09 Tempoe LLC and find they’re nonresponsive or don’t update your information as they agree to. That’s why working with a consumer protection attorney is the best option.

A consumer protection attorney can dispute wrong information on your behalf, and you never have to interact with anyone at 09 Tempoe during that time.

There’s also the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA), which prevents debt collectors from using harassment, threats, or deception as they try to collect from consumers.

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