Afni Collections on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
April 14, 2023

Dealing with debt collectors can be an overwhelming and frightening experience for anyone, especially for the first time. Thousands of unsuspecting individuals find themselves targeted by these companies without understanding why. They often demand payment with frequent text messages and phone calls. Afni Collections is one of many debt collection agencies known for persistent communication with people. 

We want consumers to know that it is possible to remove Afni Collections from your credit report. Here, we’ll learn more about what Afni Collections does and how to reinstate your financial freedom. 

What is Afni Collections and What Do They Do?

Afni Collections is a third-party debt collection company that reports a collection account under your credit report. Founded in 1936 in Bloomington, Illinois, Afni Collections purchases debt from the original lending company. 

When a creditor no longer wants to collect the debt themselves, they will pay debt-collecting companies like Afni Collections to collect it on their behalf. As a result, Afni goes after individuals to make a quick profit. This, in turn, can pose severe negative effects on their credit scores. 

Is Afni Collections a Legitimate Company?

Yes, Afni Collections is a real debt collection company. Although the tactics they use to contact you may seem aggressive and much like a scam, it is legitimate. If you do owe a debt, you must understand your rights and respond to these companies with caution. 

You may be enticed to ignore their constant calls and text messages. However, immediate action should be taken if you are contacted by a debt collection company. Ignoring their calls, letters, or text messages will not make their communication stop and your credit score will still be impacted.

Regardless of Afni Collections’ legitimacy, their numerous violations and improper communication tactics have resulted in consumer complaints and dissatisfaction. 

Company Contact Information

It is key to have the debt collector’s information for your files, especially if they try to contact you from more than one number, which they are legally allowed to do. 

Here is some important contact information about Afni Collections that recipients should know:

Why is Afni Collections Calling Me?

You may naturally feel confused as to why Afni Collections is calling you in the first place. They are relentlessly contacting you because you allegedly owe a debt to one of their clients. However, debt collection agencies often make errors. If you don’t recognize the debt, you reserve the right to dispute it.

Many third-party debt collectors are paid to collect debt for a variety of creditors or businesses. Afni Collections mostly works with telecommunication companies such as: 

  • AT&T
  • Verizon
  • Direct TV

Like many other debt collection companies, Afni Collections will not publicly share a complete list of the creditors that they collect for. Therefore, any debt being pursued by them should always be verified as valid before any payments are made. 

How Do I Know If I'm Being Harassed?

Debt collection agencies tend to use harassment and intimidation tactics as a way to retrieve payments. Many of these tactics are not legal under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Therefore, it's essential for you as the recipient to understand your rights when it comes to dealing with companies like Afni Collections. 

Any abusive, overly aggressive, threatening, or violent communication should be noted. They reserve the right to record their phone calls with you, so you too should make accurate notes about your communications with them.

If you’re on the receiving end of this constant and aggressive communication, you are amongst thousands facing the same problem. Watch out for these signs if you’re unsure if you're being harassed by a debt collector like Afni.

  • The company publishes your name to a list of debtors.
  • A collector uses inappropriate language directed toward you over the phone.
  • A collector threatens you with a lawsuit or violence. 
  • The company continues to contact you despite your initial requests to stop communication. 
  • The debt collector shares information about your alleged debt with co-workers, family members, or friends.

This is a short list of the many signs of harassment consumers experience from debt-collecting companies. Additionally, if they are threatening you with litigation or imprisonment, contact an attorney that specializes in debt collection for advice before engaging in any further communication.

How to Remove Afni Collections from Your Credit Report

Multiple actions can be taken to remove Afni Collections from your credit report. 

Review Your Credit Report

You can request a copy of your credit report from the three major credit bureaus. By doing so, you can ensure that there are no inaccuracies. If you notice any errors or misprints throughout your report, consult with a debt collection attorney to amend the discrepancies and repair your credit. 

Work With A Trusted Team

Consider consulting with an experienced attorney regarding your alleged debts. They have the knowledge and resources to support you through this arduous process. An attorney can help you review your credit reports, look for errors or misdirected collection attempts, and work with you to remove delinquencies from your credit report. 

Find an FCRA Attorney to Serve Your Case

If you have an owed debt and are unsure how to proceed, or if you believe you’ve been falsely accused of owing a debt, our expert team of attorneys are here to support you. 

No individual should have to handle aggressive debt collectors on their own. Having a legal team who understands the industry and the legality of your case will work to your advantage. Fair Credit wants to help you regain your financial freedom and free your credit report from Afni Collections. Contact us to request a free case review today.

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