Sprint Collections Agency on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
April 11, 2023

Debt-collecting agencies have a notorious reputation for their persistence. They may call and send text messages multiple times a week. They also often misrepresent the debt you may, or may not, owe. Although being contacted by a debt collector can be quite a jarring and intimidating experience, there are resources available for advice and help.

If you are hearing from Sprint Collections, here’s some information you need to know to regain control over your finances. 

What is Sprint Collections and What Do They Do?

Founded in 1899 in Kansas, Sprint is an American telecommunications agency that merged with T-Mobile in 2020. Their collections department reports on delinquent or unpaid accounts, and can negatively impact your credit score. Sprint Collections focuses mainly on unpaid cell phone bills, and are headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas.

Is Sprint Collections a Legitimate Company?

Sprint Collections is, in fact, a legitimate company. Despite their consistent communications and attempts to get in touch with you, they are not a scam. Their consistent demands for payment via text messages and calls have led consumers to believe their communications are spam. Despite this, their calls should be taken seriously.

Their collection tactics have led to numerous reports of consumer dissatisfaction. There have also been reports of false debt accusations as well, further driving consumers to think they are a scam. 

Company Contact Information

It’s important that you have the contact information of the debt collecting agency trying to get in touch with you. Open accounts on your credit report will have a negative effect on your overall credit score, so having this information can certainly help your case. 

For your reference, here is the company contact information for Sprint Collections:

It’s not recommended that you contact a Sprint Collections representative on your own. Once you confirm they have the correct phone number or email address for you, their communications will get more frequent and often more aggressive.

You should first do your research and ensure you are well-equipped with accurate information before engaging in contact with them. 

Why is Sprint Collections Calling Me?

If Sprint Collections is contacting you, you may owe a debt or delinquency on your phone bill. In some cases, Sprint may sell this debt to a third-party debt-collecting agency.

It’s important to remember the possibility of collection errors regarding their attempts to contact you. Since Sprint merged with T-Mobile, this tactic is used to collect past unpaid or even nonexistent debt to Sprint. In some cases, these are debts that have already been paid or are way past the statute of limitations for collection. 

Will I Get Sued? 

It is unlikely that Sprint Collections will make any attempt to sue you. Keep in mind that these are mostly empty threats. However, it is wise to seek legal advice if Sprint Collections, or any other collection agency, is threatening you with litigation.

Will This Affect My Credit?

Having an account from Sprint on your credit report will affect your credit score in many ways. While people assume that simply paying off the debt will have the charge removed from their report, this isn’t necessarily true. Keep this information in mind: 

  • The account may remain on your credit report for 7 years even after the debt has been paid. 
  • Your credit score may lower significantly once the debt is paid 
  • A lower credit score will affect your ability to secure car or home loans, rent property, or acquire future lending. 

Taking steps to remove Sprint Collections from your report is the most viable option toward resolution.

Common Errors To Watch Out For

It’s very possible for debt collection agencies to incorrectly contact you and accuse you of owing a debt. Here are some common errors consumers should be mindful of if Sprint Collections is calling:

  • Identity errors, incorrect contact information, or accounts created due to identity theft may be the cause of the debt
  • The debt may be a result of an incorrect account status, such as when closed accounts are reported as open
  • Accounts that are falsely reported as late, even if you paid on time. 
  • Accounts that appear more than once under your credit report. 

Am I Being Harassed?

Debt-collecting agencies must follow a specific set of rules and regulations when contacting you per the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). As a consumer, you have rights that are protected under the law.

If you find yourself receiving endless threats, multiple calls a day, or requests for personal information, you can report Sprint Collections for violating your rights. 

Removing Sprint Collections From Your Credit Report

Review Your Credit Report

It’s crucial to look over your credit report for any inaccuracies or errors. Request a copy of your report from any major credit bureau and review it for mistakes. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, seek professional advice on how to proceed. Our team at Fair Credit can help to identify and dispute errors to get them removed from your report.

Negotiate a Settlement

While it’s not always necessary to settle your debt, there are some cases where this may be a reasonable option. This could help improve your credit score in some cases. It’s important to note that sometimes paying off your debt may not always be the most beneficial option. 

If you are unsure whether negotiating a settlement will actually help your credit score or not, seek advice from an attorney who specializes in debt collection cases. 

Send a Cease and Desist Letter

You can send the agency a Cease and Desist letter to end their communication with you. It’s within your rights as a consumer to request that Sprint Collections cease all communication with you for your well-being.

Work With a Trusted Team

Having the right support system is key to combating debt-collecting agencies like Sprint Collections. If you don’t know your rights, the result of negotiating with these agencies by yourself can be less than desirable. Find a trustworthy legal team with extensive industry knowledge for the best stress-free results. 

Let an FCRA Attorney Serve Your Case

If you believe you’ve been falsely accused of owing a debt to Sprint Collections, Fair Credit LLC has the legal resources to support you. Or, if you owe a debt and want support finding a resolution, we’re here to guide you. 

Our reliable FCRA attorneys are equipped with the tools to help you regain your financial freedom. Contact us and request your free case review today.

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