LVNV Funding LLC on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
April 17, 2023

If you've seen LVNV Funding on your credit report or have received any communication from them, you're probably wondering who they are and what action to take.

LVNV Funding acquires debt portfolios from various companies across many industries. With that in mind, LVNV Funding might have purchased your debt and is attempting to collect it. Unfortunately, there are instances in which this debt collector or their subsidiary firms try to collect debts that are past the statute of limitations, inaccurate or false, or caused by other credit reporting errors.

It's important to know that when dealing with LVNV Funding or any other debt collector, legal rights exist to protect consumers. An experienced FCRA attorney can help you understand these rights and dispute inaccuracies, negotiate debt settlements and hold debt collectors accountable for any violations.

Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about LVNV Funding.

Is LVNV a Legit Company?

Yes, LVNV Funding is a legitimate debt collection company (i.e., they’re not a scam). However, they have been accused numerous times of violating the FDCPA and FCRA through the use of fraudulent practices and harassment.

It is essential to be aware of your rights when dealing with LVNV Funding and to take action should you believe that your legal rights have been violated by this company. 

Additionally, one should also keep in mind that while LVNV Funding is the legal owner of any debts you owe, they often outsource their debt collection activities to third-party companies such as Resurgent Capital Services.

If you require assistance in understanding your legal rights or taking action against LVNV Funding, please contact us today to speak with an experienced FCRA lawyer.

How Can I Contact LVNV Funding?

Suppose you get a phone call from Resurgent Capital Services about a debt that you owe LVNV Funding. The only problem is you’ve never heard of either company and are confused about the alleged debt.

In this case or similar, it makes sense to check your credit report and reach out to them to get more information. Here’s their contact information: 

LVNV Funding LLC Contact Information:

  • Phone number: 1-800-775-8044
  • Website:
  • Mailing address: 55 Beattie Pl, Greenville, SC 29601

Resurgent Capital Services Contact Information: 

  • Phone number: 1-888-665-0374
  • Website:
  • Mailing address: PO Box 10466 Greenville, SC 29603
  • Email:

Remember, if you're contacted by a debt collector, be careful about accepting responsibility for a debt or setting up a payment plan before validating the debt.

Who Does LVNV Funding Collect For?

LVNV Funding acquires debt portfolios from large companies across multiple industries, including banking, credit cards, utilities, personal loans, telecom, and more. Notable clients of LVNV Funding include Capital One, Chase, Synchrony Bank, and Wells Fargo.

If you're uncertain if LVNV Funding is collecting a legit debt, it's recommended to first check your credit report and validate the debt. Afterward, consulting with an experienced debt counselor or attorney can provide valuable advice on the options available to you.

Why is LVNV Funding Contacting Me? 

LVNV Funding may contact you regarding a debt they believe you owe. However, there are instances where they contact individuals on the basis of incorrect or false information. In these cases, it’s essential to check your credit report and dispute inaccuracies as soon as possible. 

If you agree with them that you owe the debt, it still may not be a good idea to pay it without first speaking with an attorney or debt counselor. 

How Should I Deal With LVNV Funding?

If you're dealing with LVNV Funding, it's essential to be informed and take action to protect your rights. Here are some tips to help:

  • Stay professional

Despite feeling stressed or overwhelmed by debt collectors, maintain professionalism in all conversations.

  • Learn about your rights

Debt collectors have to abide by certain laws and regulations when attempting to collect a debt; familiarize yourself with these through the FDCPA and FCRA.

  • Keep records

Record all communication with LVNV Funding so that you can refer back to them if needed, such as for disputes or taking legal action at a later date.

  • Contact an attorney

If you suspect there has been any wrongdoing on behalf of LVNV Funding or need assistance on how to proceed further, contact an experienced FCRA attorney for support.

Don't hesitate to get help if needed—dealing with debt collectors is difficult, but you do have legal rights and options available to you.

Why is LVNV Suing Me?

It’s not common for LVNV Funding to sue individuals who owe them money. However, in the past, there have been many reported cases where they have taken this route. 

If you’re delinquent on a debt that they own and they choose to sue you, it’s important to take immediate action. Consulting with an attorney may be a wise decision as they can explain available options and prepare a strategy for defending yourself in court.

Alleged Consumer Rights Violations Committed By LVNV Funding 

Allegations of FDCPA and FCRA violations from LVNV Funding are common and can include:

  • Harassment and aggressive behavior.
  • Contacting third parties about the debt.
  • Unlawfully failing to validate the debt.
  • Providing false or inaccurate information to credit bureaus.
  • Threatening action that they cannot legally pursue.
  • Failing to notify you of your legal rights during the collection process.

If you believe that LVNV Funding has breached your rights in any way, seek qualified legal advice from an experienced FCRA attorney.

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