11 AT&T Mobility on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
April 28, 2023

Facing down a debt collector is often a daunting experience. Intimidation tactics, unfavorable modes of communication, and relentless phone calls are common practices among debt collectors. If 11 at T Mobility has appeared on your credit report, you likely have questions about where to start. The good news is, certain debt collections can be successfully removed from your credit report.

If your credit score suffers due to debt accusations from 11 at T Mobility, you’re not alone. Continue reading to discover how you can confront this agency and effectively remove them from your credit report.

What is 11 at T Mobility and What Do They Do?

11 at T Mobility is a third-party debt collection agency that purchases debt from several notable creditors. While there isn’t an ample amount of information about this company, it’s clear that they buy debt at an incredibly low price. In many cases, 11 at T Mobility handles large sums of debt that major creditors no longer want to be responsible for. This is known as a “charge-off.”

T Mobility pursues debt with frequent phone calls, emails, letters, and sometimes text messages. Like many debt collection agencies, once you begin communication with T Mobility their calls become more frequent and aggressive in nature. Additionally, like many other third-party debt collection agencies, they sometimes make errors in their credit reporting and collection efforts. 

Is 11 at T Mobility a Legitimate Company?

11 at T Mobility is a legitimate agency and not a scam. While it may be tempting to treat these calls like spam, do not ignore them. Doing so may result in further harm to your credit score. 

However, before responding to contact from T Mobility do your research on the alleged debt they are pursuing. If the debt they are trying to collect is not in fact yours, is past the statute of limitations for collection, or is being misreported, you an effectively have it removed from your credit report. 

Despite their legitimacy as a valid company, 11 at T Mobility may engage in collection practices that borderline harassment. If you are experiencing this you may want to seek help in taking them on. 

Signs of Debt Collection Harassment

Any behavior or action that’s oppressive, aggressive, threatening, abusive, or degrading falls under the category of debt collection harassment. If you suspect you’re being harassed by 11 at T Mobility or other agencies, look out for these signs:

  • 11 at T Mobility calls you multiple times a week, sometimes even multiple times a day
  • Debt collectors fail to identify themselves upon contact
  • Collectors request or disclose debt information from another party such as a friend, family member, or coworker
  • You’re threatened with a lawsuit, arrest, or in some cases, violence
  • 11 at T Mobility provides no proof of debt and refuses to offer debt verification

Although this list is far from complete, these actions are a violation of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) which protects your rights as a consumer when it comes to debt collection practices. 

Recipient and Consumer Complaints

Those on the receiving end of 11 and T Mobility’s collection efforts know how awful, stressful, and debilitating it can feel. According to the Better Business Bureau (BBB), their unrelenting phone calls have led to thousands of poor reviews.

What Does 11 at T Mobility Collect For?

11 and T Mobility’s full list of clients have not been revealed. But, they serve a wide range of lending companies and creditors, and their clientbase is constantly in flux.

Company Information

11 at T Mobility contacts their recipients from several different numbers. Their business information is a mystery to their consumers, and is widely inaccessible to most web users. If 11 at T Mobility is trying to contact you it will likely come from a variety of phone numbers with varying area codes.

How 11 at T Mobility Can Affect Your Credit

Unfortunately, if 11 at T Mobility appears on your credit report, this will ultimately impact your credit score. This can affect your ability to secure loans, rent property, and more. However, consumers should remember that 11 at T Mobility often makes mistakes and misreports owed debt.

Take this into consideration before panic or fear sets in:

  • The debt may be over 7 years old and is still appearing on your credit report
  • You’ve already paid the debt, but it hasn’t been removed from your report
  • 11 at T Mobility is calling the wrong individual, and a person with a similar name is responsible for the owed debt
  • The debt was acquired through identity theft

A number of factors can influence misreported debt. Additionally, when companies like 11 at T Mobility purchases debts from other creditors, information is often lost or mistaken in the shuffle of files. Before making any payments to 11 at T Mobility, take steps to ensure the debt they are trying to collect is valid and should be paid.

Effectively Remove 11 at T Mobility From Your Credit Report

With the right tools and resources under your belt, you can rid yourself of 11 at T Mobility once and for all. Here are some steps to help you get started:

Carefully Review Your Credit Report

Contact all major credit bureaus to receive an accurate copy of your credit report. There may be various discrepancies, errors, misprints, and misreports appearing on your report. Ensure that all information is up-to-date and accurate before disputing the collection with 11 at T Mobility.

Negotiate a Settlement With a Trusted Team

You have the right to dispute any and all accusations made by 11 at T Mobility. In some cases you may be able to negotiate a lower payment amount than the amount initially being pursued.

However, settling your debt may negatively impact your credit score. In some cases it may be the best thing for your credit score, and in others it may not help improve it. This will vary case to case, so it’s often helpful to have a debt collection attorney advise you if you are considering paying a settlement amount. 

Hire a Reliable Attorney

Facing debt collection agencies is daunting, confusing, and stressful. Hire an attorney who knows the ins and outs of these companies and how they operate. An attorney can aid you in ordering and reviewing your credit reports, reviewing them for accuracy, disputing errors on your report, and negotiating settlements for valid debts.

Let an FCRA Attorney Serve Your Case

Support is available if you’ve been struggling with 11 at T Mobility or other debt-collecting agencies. Being falsely accused of unpaid debt is a stressful and overwhelming process to endure, and it’s filled with uncertainty. With the right legal team by your side, you may be able to remove 11 at T Mobility from your report.

Our team of expert FCRA attorneys will carefully review your case and work tirelessly toward a resolution. Take back your financial sovereignty and restore your credit. Reach out to the attorneys at Fair Credit LLC for a free case review today.

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