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Last Updated:
April 7, 2023

In the middle of a job hunt, the last thing you want is to be notified that you lost out on a chance at employment because of a background check error. Unfortunately, background check errors are far too common, and even big organizations like Checkr make mistakes that can cost honest Americans like you jobs and other opportunities.

If you’re not sure what to do if you find out about a Checkr background check error, read on. We’ll break down your rights, how to dispute a background check, and much more.

What is Checkr?

Checkr is a well-known background check agency primarily based in San Francisco. At the time of this writing, Checkr provides background check services for many different types of companies in the retail, hospitality, manufacturing, healthcare, nonprofit, and education industries. However, it has also recently expanded its background check services into the rideshare company industry, offering background checks for prospective employees to companies like Uber and DoorDash.

Checkr Background Checks – What’s Included?

Checkr is like many other background check companies in that it provides comprehensive background check services. Depending on what a particular client company is looking for, Checkr may focus on one or another element. For instance, when providing background checks for DoorDash, Checkr checks DMV or driving records and criminal backgrounds but not things like credit records.

Checkr’s complete list of background check information includes:

  • Credit history checks, including credit reports from each of the three credit bureaus
  • Validation of job candidate Social Security numbers, which helps to minimize identity theft or fraud
  • Criminal records checks, including checks on the sex offender registry and terrorist watch lists
  • Driving record checks, which examine candidates for both DUI records and for records of other infractions, like speeding tickets
  • Drug screening checks
  • Employment and education verification. For instance, if a company needs a job candidate to have a specific degree, Checkr will make sure that the job candidate has the degree that they noted on their resume

Since Checkr examines such a deep list of information, it’s perhaps no surprise that it sometimes makes mistakes. When Checkr makes a background check error, a job candidate, loan applicant, or other individual could experience negative consequences because of that inaccuracy. 

What Are Checkr Background Check Errors?

Checkr background check errors are instances in which Checkr mistakes information about a person’s background. This can be due to something like identity theft or some other type of mistake.

For instance, say that you apply for a new job to be a driver for Uber. Uber uses Checkr to check your background before extending you a job offer. You have a very common name, like Bob C. Anderson.

However, Checkr makes a mistake and accidentally confuses your identity with Bob D. Anderson. As a result, Checkr returns false information to Uber, claiming that you have a DUI on your driving record. Because of this, Uber then decides not to offer you the job.

When you receive a report or copy of your background check document, you discover this inaccuracy. At this point, it’s too late and you lost out on the job opportunity because of a mistake you didn’t make.

Consequences of Checkr Background Check Errors

As touched on above, Checkr background check errors can have major consequences for Americans.

In some circumstances, a single Checkr background check error could result in you losing a job opportunity, even if you are qualified in all other ways. For many, this can be devastating, especially if they have been on the job hunt for quite some time.

However, Checkr background check errors can also cause your job hunt to go on for much longer than you initially anticipated. If you keep losing job offers because of background check mistakes, your employment gap could widen over time. That can make other employers less likely to offer you a job unless you have a good excuse for the employment gap.

Furthermore, Checkr background check errors can indicate errors that can prevent you from taking advantage of financial opportunities, like high-quality loans or lines of credit. If Checkr discovers that you have a credit report error, for instance, that credit report error might mean you don’t qualify for a new mortgage loan.

All in all, any Checkr background check error is a bad sign that you should seek to fix ASAP.

Common Checkr Background Check Mistakes

Checkr, like many other background check organizations, can make several common errors or mistakes when checking records. These include:

  • Typos in the background check report, which can give a prospective employer or loan officer the wrong idea about your record
  • Posting inaccurate information from your credit report or criminal history, such as duplicate debt accounts or inaccurate debt information
  • Using outdated information from your credit report or other historical records, like listing your address as an old address rather than your current address
  • Mixing up files between you and another individual (which can happen in cases of identity theft)
  • And more

Many of these errors occur due to simple human mistakes. However, Checkr is a professional background check organization, so any mistake is unacceptable.

What if Checkr Makes a Mistake on Your Background Check?

If you believe that Checkr has made a mistake in one area or another of your background check, you have some legal options and rights under the FCRA or Fair Credit Reporting Act.

The FCRA states that all American consumers have the right to fair, accurate credit and background history information. Only fair and accurate background history information may be used for background checks and for relevant decisions, like job offers or loan decisions.

More importantly, if a credit furnisher, credit bureau, or background check organization makes a mistake, that organization is legally required to fix the issue at the earliest possible opportunity. So, for instance, if Checkr makes a mistake on your background check, it has to fix the mistake and report the problem to the employer it communicated with.

On top of that, the FCRA states that all consumers have to receive an adverse action letter if they were denied employment or some other financial opportunity because of some element of their background information.

Say that you are denied a loan because Checkr provides the loan officer with inaccurate credit information. Checkr then has to provide you with an adverse action letter explaining that you were denied on the basis of credit history of background information (though it doesn’t have to be specific), as well as provide you with the contact information for the credit bureau(s) that provided the information in the first place.

Once you have that information, the FCRA reserves you the right to file a background check or credit dispute at any time.

Credit Dispute Rules

If Checkr or any other background check organization receives a dispute letter from you, they are required to investigate the matter and respond to you promptly. Checkr is not allowed to ignore your dispute request or leave inaccurate information once that information is brought to Checkr’s attention.

Thus, don’t hesitate to file a background check dispute if you believe there’s inaccurate information affecting your employment prospects. Even if you miss out on the initial job opportunity, it’s a good idea to correct any inaccurate information early so future background checks and job opportunities won’t be affected by the same issue.

What if You Don’t Receive an Adverse Action Letter?

If you are denied employment or some other financial opportunity because of an element of your background check, and you don’t receive an adverse action letter, Checkr is also breaking the law. The organization might be liable for damages at this point.

However, don’t always assume that Checkr has deliberately chosen not to send you an adverse action letter. From time to time, your background check can get stalled or slowed down for one reason or another. It’s a better idea to contact Checkr and ask about the status of your background check before assuming that things have gone poorly.

Similarly, an adverse action letter can get lost in the mail or be delayed. Asking for it directly could be a great way to quickly get access to your adverse action letter and the key information it contains. 

How to Dispute a Checkr Background Check

Whatever you think Checkr has made a mistake with your background check information, remember that you always have options. In fact, under the FCRA, you have the right to dispute any Checkr background check information that is erroneous or out of date and that has a negative effect on your job or financial prospects.

There are three main steps you should consider taking when you want to dispute a Checkr background check.

Contact Checkr

First and foremost, don’t hesitate to contact Checkr. If Checkr is the organization that made a mistake, it’s on the hook for correcting the erroneous information. Otherwise, it’s engaging in illegal activity.

Luckily, it’s very easy to contact Checkr and file a background check dispute. Visit the Checkr Candidate Portal, then click on the Report an Error button at the bottom of the page. This will give you a chance to supply Checkr with any supporting documents that you have to substantiate your claim, like a copy of another credit report or a copy of your DMV records.

Once Checkr has this information, it has 30 days to investigate your claim and another five days after that to get back to you. Remember, Checkr is legally obligated to correct any erroneous information it may have provided to a prospective employer. So if Checkr prevented you from getting a job, Checkr has to correct the info and the record.

If you don’t wish to use the online portal, you can also contact Checkr by mailing a dispute letter. Expect this type of dispute to take a little extra time.

Contact Credit Bureaus

If Checkr isn’t responsible for inaccurate information – for example, if the inaccurate info is found on your credit report – you’ll instead need to file a credit dispute letter with one or more of the big credit bureaus.

Credit dispute letters are similar to background dispute letters. The credit bureaus have 30 days to investigate your claims and must investigate those claims unless they wish to face legal action. You should file a credit dispute letter immediately if you notice one or more inaccurate line items on your credit report(s).

Contact Legal Representatives

But what if Checkr doesn’t correct any erroneous information that it found? In that case, this background check organization is in direct violation of the FCRA.

Under such circumstances, you as an American consumer do have the right to file a lawsuit against Checkr. With knowledgeable legal representatives, you could potentially win a lawsuit and damages since directly prevented you from acquiring a job or from enjoying other financial opportunities.

Fair Credit’s legal specialists are well-equipped and ready to assist with any background check lawsuit. For example, if Checkr knows that it provided inaccurate information to a potential employer, but refuses to correct the matter immediately, you can sue Checkr with Fair Credit’s help. Our lawyers will represent you in court, gather evidence for you, and make sure you represent your case as strongly as possible.

Contacting legal representatives is a wise idea if you think that a lawsuit is your only option of recourse. The right representatives can break down your legal options and ensure you understand the chances of success. Remember, though, that a lawsuit may not always be the answer – arbitration or some other legal means may be a wiser strategy depending on the exact details of your job application or background check.

Wrap Up

As you can see, Checkr background check errors can be frustrating and bring your job hunt to a halt, but they aren’t insurmountable. In fact, you can correct Checkr background errors with the help of law firms like Fair Credit, as well as potentially sue Checkr for damages if it refuses to correct any inaccurate background information. 

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