Asurint Background Check Errors? We Help You Fight Back

Last Updated:
April 30, 2023

Asurint Background Check Errors? We Help You Fight Back

Most major employers rely on dedicated background check companies like Asurint to screen job candidates. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, especially if the background screening agency in question does a good job.

Unfortunately, Asurint can and does make background check errors that can have a major negative effect on your job prospects. Today, we’ll break down Asurint background check errors in detail, plus go over ways in which you can fight back with knowledgeable consumer rights attorneys.

What is Asurint?

Asurint is a popular background screening agency currently based in Cleveland, Ohio. At the time of this writing, Asurint specializes in providing background checks for many different types of employers, including volunteer organizations.

This is partially because Asurint recently integrated with Oracle Recruiting: one of the most popular HR and recruiting platforms used across business industries. Asurint’s background screenings usually take anywhere between 24 and 48 hours, although they can take longer if they are specifically ordered to be more comprehensive or include additional elements.

Generally, Asurint’s background checks include the following services or information checks:

  • Criminal background checks
  • Driving record checks
  • Credit reports
  • Verifications for employment, education, and professional licenses
  • Social Security number searches
  • Drug screening checks
  • And more, depending on client needs

What Are Asurint Background Check Errors?

Asurint background check errors occur whenever the screening agency accidentally replaces or inserts correct information with incorrect information. Background check errors can take many different forms, including:

  • Switching out two people’s Social Security numbers or personal information with each other’s. This is more common if two individuals have similar names, such as the same first and last names
  • Including the same negative line item or information twice, like a debt or loan recorded twice on the same background check report
  • Including flatly erroneous or out-of-date information, like a recent bankruptcy filing that never occurred or records of a criminal conviction that never occurred
  • Simpler errors, like number transpositions. This can be devastating if it happens to a Social Security number, though, as it means one’s prospective employer may not believe a candidate is being honest or might incorrectly assign benefits

Any kind of background check error can be very dangerous and negative for your job prospects, financial opportunities, and housing opportunities, however.

Reasons for Asurint Background Check Mistakes

Asurint’s background check mistakes can occur for any number of reasons. For instance, one of Asurint’s screening agents or specialists may accidentally confuse your identity with someone else’s, or they may use software incorrectly. That can result in negative information being listed twice, criminal background reports being brought up even if they aren’t relevant, etc.

Alternatively, you might accidentally list the wrong information on an apartment, job, or loan application. Then, Asurint might compile inaccurate background check information because it got your identity wrong.

You can’t forget technical glitches, either. From time to time, Asurint’s software might list negative information twice or more, or it may draw records that should be sealed or expunged, putting them on your credit or background check report when they shouldn’t appear at all.

Consequences of Asurint Background Check Errors

Asurint background check errors should be fixed as soon as possible because they can lead to long-term, negative consequences across several areas of your life.

For example, even one Asurint background check mistake could cause you to miss out on a job opportunity that you are already qualified for. If an Asurint background check shows a criminal conviction that never occurred, your prospective employer might decide not to hire you, even if your interview went well besides that. Background check mistakes like this can follow you around for a long time, making it hard to acquire a job elsewhere, too.

As another example, an Asurint background check mistake could compromise financial opportunities, especially if the mistakes in question are related to your finances or financial history. If Asurint says that you went bankrupt a year ago, it may be difficult to get a mortgage or some other kind of loan, even if your credit score is somehow very high.

Asurint background check mistakes can even affect your life in areas related to housing. Many landlords now use background checks to ensure that they only accept tenants who have good rental histories and who won’t be problems. 

If your background check returns one or more red flags, don’t be surprised if you find it difficult to qualify for many apartments or houses in your area, even if you have enough money to make the requisite payments.

All in all, these major issues can lead to long-lasting, negative consequences throughout your life. That’s why Asurint and other background check agencies allow you to file a dispute – the consequences are simply too important to be left alone.

How to Fix Asurint Background Check Mistakes

Regardless of the root cause of Asurint background check errors, you need to know how to fix those mistakes ASAP. The sooner you fix background check mistakes, the sooner you can resume your job hunt or the sooner you may receive a new job offer once the record has been corrected.

Luckily, the Fair Credit Reporting Act outlines a very straightforward dispute process for you to pursue.

Review Your Background Check Report

First, you should thoroughly review your background check report from Asurint. If an employer, lender, or other organization denies you an opportunity on the basis of your background check information, they have to tell you that and provide a record of the same report via an adverse action letter.

The adverse action letter will explain that the issue that resulted in the rescinded opportunity came from your background check report. Pore over your background check information, scanning it comprehensively for mistakes. If you already noticed one error, there’s a good chance that Asurint made another mistake somewhere else.

Write down all the errors you notice. Then, proceed to the next step.

Contact Consumer Rights Attorneys

At this stage, it’s a good idea to contact consumer rights attorneys like Fair Credit. While you can dispute the results of a background check report by yourself, it’s never a good idea.

Why? Attorneys know the details of the FCRA and related legislation that may impact your case. More importantly, the right attorneys can provide you with important legal counsel and guide you through the process, including:

  • Helping you determine whether you should file your dispute with Asurint or some other organization
  • Helping you draft your dispute letter, which can affect the speed and results of your case
  • Ensuring you understand the consequences of suing Asurint if needed
  • And much more

Put another way, attorneys can make the entire process easier for you. That’s an invaluable benefit, especially since background check mistakes can be frustrating to deal with alone.

You don’t have to worry about payment, either. The FCRA states that, in lawsuits or legal matters concerning incorrect background or credit check information, the defendant pays attorney fees for the plaintiff. So if you hire attorneys to sue Asurint and your lawsuit is successful, you won’t have to pay a penny; Asurint will pay any legal fees you incur.

File a Dispute with Asurint

Now it’s time to formally file a background check dispute with Asurint.

As a licensed background screening agency, Asurint is legally required to provide a dispute process to all of its clients and consumers who are subjects of its screenings. This can be done online or by mail.

In both cases, you’ll want to draft a letter that includes:

  • Your name and contact information
  • A detailed review of your background check report, including the identifying information in the report
  • The specifics of the incorrect information so Asurint can quickly locate it and verify its accuracy (or inaccuracy)
  • A request that Asurint resolve the incorrect information and alert your employer, lender, or other interested party

As noted earlier, knowledgeable attorneys can help you file an effective dispute letter since they have drafted similar once already. They can also provide you with a dispute letter template if necessary.

Consider Further Legal Actions

While most background screening agencies are happy to correct inaccurate information, what if Asurint decides not to do the right thing? In that case, your consumer rights are being violated, and you'll likely have grounds for a lawsuit.

You should consult with your attorneys to determine the best path moving forward. Depending on the specifics of your case, like the evidence you've collected already, a lawsuit may be a good idea, or it might be wiser to pursue some other means of legal recourse, like arbitration or mediation.

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