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Last Updated:
September 4, 2023

The business landscape of today is incredibly interconnected and data-leveraged, and so is the hiring process. Background checks have become one of the critical components of the hiring process for countless businesses around the world. Employers rely on these background checks to make more informed decisions about potential employees, however, when those background checks contain errors it can have devastating effects for job-seekers.

We’re going to dig into One Source background checks, what errors they commonly contain, and what legal rights and remedies are available to those who suffer damages as a result. We’ll also look at how Fair Credit may be able to help you take legal action to get those inaccuracies fixed, and possibly even collect compensation for damages that occurred due to the errors. 

What is a One Source Background Check?

A One Source background check is a very comprehensive background screening service that gathers information from various public and private sources, to give employers a detailed look at the background of individuals applying for employment. These reports will often include many elements or components to them, depending on who the employer is and what the requirements are for the position.

A One Source background check will typically include information regarding:

  • The applicant’s criminal history, consisting of both convictions and pending cases
  • Employment history
  • The applicant’s educational history and credentials
  • The driving history or motor vehicle record of the applicant
  • Their credit report
  • Any professional licensing or credentials that the applicant claims
  • The social media presence of the applicant, including public comments, statuses, tweets, and more

One Source, like many other background check services, aims to provide an accurate and up-to-date report to potential employers. However, due to their complex nature and the sheer volume of information that needs to be combed and compiled for a background check, there is the potential for errors to occur, which can lead to potential inaccuracies in the final report.

Common Errors in Background Checks

While it may seem far-fetched that errors could happen in our highly-digital and error-checked world, it does happen and it happens more than you may realize. Most errors in background checks come from very mundane sources like data entry mistakes, clerical errors, or simply outdated information, some can come from mistaken or stolen identities, and more. Some of the most common errors found in One Source background checks include:

  • Incorrect Criminal Records

Sometimes criminal records are attributed to the wrong individual, often due to similar names or other personal data. Also, sealed, expunged, or otherwise inaccessible records may show up on the report if not correctly updated.

  • Inaccurate Employment History

Employment history discrepancies commonly happen due to mistakes in dates of employment, misrepresented job titles, or many other reasons. These inaccuracies can create a misleading perception of the applicant’s experience in that field. 

  • Unverified Education Information

Errors in verification for applicant education can include graduation date errors, degrees, or even the wrong school entirely. These errors can undermine the applicant’s educational qualifications.

  • Credit Report Inaccuracies

Credit report errors can happen from mixed files or misreported and outdated information. These errors can significantly misrepresent the applicant’s creditworthiness. 

  • Misreported Driving Records

Driving records can be inaccurate due to data entry errors, incorrectly reported information from other agencies, or even identity theft.

The Consequences of Background Check Errors

Many people don’t realize it, but even the smallest errors in your background check can lead to significant consequences for those seeking employment.

  • Loss of Job Opportunities

Inaccurate background check results can ultimately lead to employers rejecting job applicants based on false or misleading information. The effects this can have on an individual’s ability to find employment can be severe.

  • Damage to Financial Reputation

Background check inaccuracies can give an incorrect impression of a particular individual’s character, professionalism, financial responsibility, or overall trustworthiness. This can inflict serious damage to a person’s personal and professional reputation. 

  • Financial Hardship

With the inability to get suitable employment, individuals and families affected by background check errors could face significant financial hardship.

  • Emotional Distress

For a great many people, dealing with the consequences of background check errors can cause incredible levels of emotional distress and outright frustration.

Legal Rights and Remedies for Background Check Errors

Individuals are given certain rights and protections under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). Some of these include:

  • The Right To Notification

Employers or others running a background check on an individual must notify that individual if they plan to take any adverse action as a result. They must also furnish them with a copy of the report they used to make the adverse determination before the action is taken. 

  • The Right To Dispute Inaccurate Information

Individuals have the right to dispute any errors or inaccuracies in their background check report. Once the background check company receives the dispute, they will generally have 30 days to conduct an investigation. If the error is confirmed, the item must either be corrected or removed from the report entirely.

  • The Right To Sue

If a background check company fails to investigate a dispute, or refuses or neglects to correct inaccuracies, individuals are empowered to file a lawsuit against the company for damages, under the guidelines of the FCRA. 

  • State Laws

The FCRA is a federal law, but there are also state laws that have been enacted to provide additional rights and remedies for those negatively affected by errors in background checks.

How Fair Credit Can Help You Fight Back

When you’ve gone through all of the standard channels to get a resolution, but the errors on your background check remain, you may be eligible to take legal action to get your credit report fixed. The expert legal team at Fair Credit can help with a wide range of complaints that stem from One Source background check errors. Our experienced FCRA attorneys can help you in several ways. 

First, we can help you to simplify the background check report. Some of those reports are incredibly complex, and we can help you simplify them so that it’s easier to find errors or inaccuracies in the report. Once you’re able to identify the errors in your background check, we can help you with guidance on disputing the items.

Disputes can be complicated, and they will often require several types of documentation to help prove them to the standard that the courts will require. This is where the Fair Credit attorneys can be invaluable assets, as they can help to guide you through each step of the dispute process, and make sure you have what you need to prove your assertions.

Finally, our team can provide expert legal representation. If you’ve exhausted all other methods for getting your One Source background check errors resolved, our team of legal experts can help you take action against One Source, even potentially recovering compensation for damages that you’ve suffered.

Partner With Fair Credit to Fight One Source Background Check Errors

Background checks are a part of the business hiring landscape, but that doesn’t mean you need to simply deal with errors or inaccuracies that are keeping you from a great job and a bigger paycheck. If you’re struggling with inaccuracies in your background checks, there are ways to get them fixed. 

However, if filing disputes with the bureaus and complaints with the CFPB aren’t working, Fair Credit may be able to help you take legal action to reclaim your financial reputation. Reach out to Fair Credit today, and discuss the details of your case with a member of our trusted legal team.

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