GC Services on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
April 22, 2023

If you've been receiving round-the-clock calls from "Spam Likely," chances are that you have an account that's in collection. Debt collection agencies are companies that have purchased a debt from a creditor -- or have been hired to settle the debt by a creditor -- and their one job is to get people to cough up the money they owe.

While it can be immensely stressful fielding the seemingly never-ending calls, texts, emails and snail mail from these companies, you do have options to help put a stop to the harassment and put your debt in the rear view permanently.  

What Does GC Services Do?

GC Services is a one of the biggest debt collection agencies in the United States. First started in 1986, the Texas-based company generates around $100 million in revenue annually -- primarily through debt repayment services. These debts come from a wide range of sources, and can include outstanding student loans, utilities bills, cable and telecommunications charges, and more.  

The company is well known for its hardline strategies when it comes to discharging debts, often refusing to accept any settlements or arrangements other than full repayment of the balance owed.  

Is GC Services a Legitimate Company?

Yes. While it can be alarming receiving a call from an unknown number, it’s important to be aware that GC Services is a legitimate debt collector and should not be confused with similar scams. Here is the contact information for this company: 

  • Phone Number: 800-756-6524 
  • Website: https://www.gcserv.com/ 
  • BBB Rating: 1/5 

Why Am I Getting Phone Calls from GC Services?

If you’re being contacted by GC Services, chances are that you have a debt that’s currently in collections – even if you weren’t previously aware of it. However, if you’re convinced you don’t owe the money, you’re not alone – there are a number of cases where consumers have been contacted about debts that they did not owe. Here are a few examples of why that could happen to you:

  • Past debts that have been fully paid.
  • Accounts created without the individual's knowledge or authorization as a result of identity theft.
  • Disputed debts that are inaccurately reported as overdue or unpaid.
  • Liabilities which were wrongfully attributed to a consumer and not their responsibility at all.

If you're unsure if the debt you’re being contacted about is legitimate, your best bet is to get in contact with Fair Credit. Call us today, and we can guide you through this process. Our specialists will identify mistakes in credit reporting and dispute them for you with the credit bureaus to get them removed.

What Can I Do If I’m Being Harassed by GC Services?

While collection agencies are a legitimate option for creditors looking to discharge a debt, it's important to remember that you have rights under Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. GC Services - along with any other debt collection agency - is not allowed to harass, threaten or use abusive language towards consumers, and they're also not allowed to call excessively or call between 9:00 PM and 8:00 AM.  

Some additional protections and restrictions on permissible behavior include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Must use respectful language at all times.
  • Cannot threaten you with violence or harm.
  • Cannot communicate at inappropriate times or places.
  • Must refrain  from making repeated calls in a single day.
  • Must always provide accurate and truthful information.
  • Cannot threaten arrest or imprisonment.
  • Cannot make any threats pertaining to legal action to gain leverage.
  • Must refrain from engaging in any unfair or deceptive practices. 

If you believe that GC Services has been harassing you, then it's important to understand that you may be entitled to compensation should you choose to seek recourse. While you have the option of filing a complaint with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), these rarely have a meaningful result. 

A more effective option would be to consult with a qualified attorney and sue the collector for violating your rights under federal law.

Who Does GC Services Collect For?

While many debt collectors have a “wheelhouse” of one or two industries they collect for, GC Services collects for over a dozen industries. These range from student loans, utilities, cable, to telecommunications, and many others.

If you’re being contacted by GC Services in regards to a student loan, you may qualify for forgiveness under new Biden-Harris debt relief programs. An experienced attorney can help you learn more about your rights under federal law and represent you in court if GC Services refuses to acknowledge them. 

What to Do if GC Services is Suing Me?

In most cases, debt collection lawsuits result in a default judgment simply because the defendant fails to respond to a summons. While dealing with debt collectors can be intimidating, it's essential that you take quick action as soon as you receive notice of a lawsuit and make sure you submit a response within the allocated time frame --typically, 20-30 days after being served.

Before sending your response, it's important to thoroughly review all relevant documents pertinent to the complaint and verify their accuracy. This will allow you to take the time to build an effective and comprehensive response that directly addresses each allegation raised in the complaint, as well as asserting any viable affirmative defenses you may have.  

By filing your written answer with the court and sending a copy of it to GC Services, you can ensure both parties are aware of your position. This can help save on costs and time by avoiding unnecessary lawsuits or other losses down the line. The best way to prepare your response is with the assistance of an attorney with experience in debt litigation. 

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