Paragon Contracting Services on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
April 22, 2023

Dealing with daily spam calls from debt collectors? You’re not alone. A recent report by Urban Institute found that over 25% of Americans have a debt that is currently in collections. If you’re one of these 64 million Americans, you can expect a relentless barrage of communication – this includes everything from demanding phone calls and letters, text messages, emails and more.

To put a stop to the harassment – and win a judgment if you’re ever asked to appear in court over an unpaid debt – you’ll need to know your rights as a consumer, and respond accordingly. These agencies won’t stop pursuing you until the debt is paid, so it’s important to be proactive about protecting yourself to avoid more drastic steps like bankruptcy.

What Does Paragon Contracting Do?

Paragon Contracting Services is a Tamarac, Florida-based debt collection agency that primarily services companies in the healthcare and insurance industries. As a third-party collector, Paragon makes a profit by buying delinquent medical debt for a fraction of the amount due. In some cases, they are hired by medical institutions to collect outstanding debt with a percentage of what is collected going back to the institution.

Is Paragon Contracting Services a Legit Company?

Yes. Paragon Contracting Services is a legit debt collector. If you've been contacted by this company about a debt, it's important to take it seriously and develop a plan of action. Here is a bit more information about this agency:

  • Phone Number: (954) 475-1300
  • Address: 1309 N Flagler Dr, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304
  • BBB Rating: 1/5

Despite having a legal right to collect on debts, numerous complaints have been filed against the company with the Better Business Bureau page and Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) database. The nature of these complaints range from accusations of verbal abuse and harassment to attempts to collect on nonexistent debts.

Why Am I Getting Phone Calls From Paragon Contracting?

If you've received phone calls from Paragon Contracting Services, chances are it's because you owe on an unpaid debt that was sold to the collections agency. In some cases, consumers may be harassed for debts that they do not actually owe. Here are some common reasons why that may happen:

  • Debts that have already been settled and paid in full
  • Unclaimed debts or accounts that are not associated with you
  • Financial accounts that have been unknowingly established under your name as a result of identity theft
  • Incorrectly reported delinquent bills or unpaid dues that appear on your credit report

If you believe you're being asked to pay on a debt that is either not yours or has already been paid, it's best to consult with an attorney. An experienced legal expert can help walk you through the steps of contacting the collector to inform them of their error, and even filing a lawsuit or -- in the case of identity theft -- filing a police report if necessary.

What Can I Do if Paragon Contracting is Harassing Me?

While debt collection agents can be intimidating — and are not shy about using a variety of aggressive tactics to pressure consumers into paying their debts — they are not without legal restrictions on how they’re permitted to behave in attempting to settle a debt. This is why the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was enacted to protect people from unfair treatment.

This federal law outlines what debt collectors can and cannot do when attempting to collect a debt, including but not limited to the following:

  • Threatening to take legal action, such as filing a lawsuit or wage garnishment, when not legally allowed to do so.
  • Contacting debtors at unreasonable times or at places the debtor has specified he or she does not wish to be contacted.
  • Misrepresenting the amount of debt owed by the debtor or falsely implying that the creditor is affiliated with a government agency.
  • Using profane language, harassing or intimidating debtors in conversations with them or third parties about their debts.
  • Disclosing information about a debtor’s debts to unauthorized third parties and attempting to collect more than what’s owed without clear authorization from the consumer’s agreement with the creditor.
  • Contacting debtors via postcard, which could reveal sensitive financial information written on it in public view in violation of privacy laws.
  • Sending collection letters with false statements regarding interest rate, fees and penalties attached to a debt in an effort to deceive consumers into paying more than they owe on a past-due account.

If PCS is violating any of your rights as a consumer, you can take action against the abuse. While many consumers file complaints with the Better Business Bureau and Consumer Financial

Protection Bureau, these complaints often go unheeded. The best way to make the collector listen is by working with an attorney who can help you prepare a lawsuit against them and win a judgment in your favor in court.

To ensure a successful outcome, be sure to carefully document all of your correspondence with Paragon Contracting Services. Insist on written communication when possible, as any abuse communicated in a letter is easily admitted as evidence.

Who Does Paragon Contracting Services Work With?

Paragon Contracting Services represents a broad spectrum of businesses in the healthcare industry. This includes hospitals and private clinical practices that offer a range of services such as family medicine, general surgery, critical care and sports medicine.

Recent laws under the Biden administration have expanded the rights of consumers and set increased limitations on what agencies like PCS can and can't do to collect on medical debt. Consulting with an attorney who is familiar with these new laws can help eliminate your medical debt by compelling Paragon Contracting services to act within the parameters of new guidelines and regulations.

What Can I Do if I’m Being Sued by Paragon Contracting?

When you receive a lawsuit from any debt collection agency, it’s important to take immediate action to protect your financial interests. While it isn't legal to arrest someone for non-payment of a debt in the United States, debt collection agencies are allowed to sue consumers who fail to pay legitimate debts.

The following steps can help you effectively combat a lawsuit from PCS or any other collection agency:

  • Reach out to Fair Credit Law Firm

Our firm offers a free case review, helps to identify falsities on your credit report, and disputes them on your behalf to get them removed from your report. If your debt with Paragon Contracting is legitimate, get in touch with them to discuss payment options.

  • Compose an answer to the lawsuit

It’s important to provide detailed information about why you dispute the debt in question. It also helps to include any evidence that supports your case in order to increase your likelihood of winning a judgment.

Be sure to seek advice from a qualified legal professional or consumer rights organization before filing your answer. This will help ensure that all relevant information and arguments have been considered from the standpoint of someone with knowledge of the collections industry.

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