DoorDash Background Check Errors? We Help You Fight Back

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April 7, 2023

These days, lots of folks are looking into DoorDash as a possible career. DoorDash allows you to work on your own schedule and make some side cash alongside your main hustle, or even deliver food as a primary source of income. With flexibility, decent rates, and insurance, it’s no wonder DoorDash is a popular employment option for many.

But getting hired by DoorDash is a little tougher than you may think, partially because of its background check. Unfortunately, many would-be DoorDashers have been stymied by the company's background check process, especially background check errors. If you believe you have been denied employment because of a background check error, you might have options. Read on to learn more.

What is a DoorDash Background Check?

Practically every employer performs background checks on aspiring employees, including DoorDash. In a nutshell, a background check is an investigation into a job applicant’s background, particularly their employment history, potential criminal history, and credit history. Different organizations include different elements in their background checks or look for different things.

DoorDash’s background check is somewhat comprehensive, but it doesn’t normally include a deep dive into your credit history. That’s because DoorDash’s duties – which require handling food, interacting with customers, and driving frequently – aren’t about financial savvy or borrowing money.

The DoorDash background check is a necessary step in the job application process. If you want to work for DoorDash, you have to pass the background check before sitting for an interview or proceeding through the rest of the steps.

What Does the DoorDash Background Check Include?

DoorDash doesn’t actually perform your background check by itself. Instead, it uses a third-party background-checking company called Checkr. Checkr does the background checks for DoorDash and a variety of other organizations.

When you begin the DoorDash application process, you’ll be required to consent to a background check. Checkr asks for your consent because this is a part of the Fair Credit Reporting Act or FCRA. If DoorDash and Checkr don’t discover any issues with your background check, you should be cleared for hiring (or at least qualify to move to the next stage of the process).

Checkr’s background check for DoorDash includes two primary parts:

  • A check for your criminal history, if it exists. This includes a search for county and national criminal records to see if you performed any major crimes. It also includes Checkr running your name through the National Sex-Offender Registry
  • A motor vehicle records database check. This part of the background check examines your history to look for negative driving history offenses, such as DUI offenses, stoplight tickets, incidents of you driving without insurance, etc.

Because of the depth of the background check, a variety of historical issues could prevent you from driving for DoorDash. These include a past DUI conviction, sexual offenses, and any criminal history. DoorDash also does not typically hire drivers who have three or more moving violations, which include speeding tickets.

The background check goes far back into your history. Usually, the DMV portion of the background check goes back three years. For example, say that you got a speeding ticket five years ago. Checkr’s background check for DoorDash shouldn’t pick up that speeding ticket information if you apply today. However, any DUIs or drug-related offenses in the DMV database stay on your record for seven years at a minimum.

However, most criminal acts and convictions will show up even if they occurred many years ago. DoorDash technically limits the criminal background check to seven years, but any felony convictions are excepted. So, if you were convicted of a felony ten years ago, expect the DoorDash background check to discover the record of that conviction.

Note that, when the background check is complete, you can request a copy of the background report and information from DoorDash. This allows you to double-check the info and make sure it was 100% accurate when Checkr made its recommendation.

Does the DoorDash Background Check Include a Credit Check?

No. DoorDash’s background check does not include a credit check or credit history report by default. Checkr doesn’t check these things for DoorDash, as your credit history is not considered to be very relevant to the job position at hand.

However, some DoorDash job candidates have reported seeing their credit scores decrease after a background check from Checkr. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep an eye on your credit report just in case.

DoorDash Background Check Timeline

When you provide DoorDash and Checkr with your information, you should receive an answer about your background check within 3 to 10 business days. That said, this can take longer if you have multiple addresses in your history or if you have lived in multiple different counties. Checkr takes more time to check multiple county databases.

Problems with the DoorDash Background Check Process

Unfortunately, the DoorDash background check can be affected by a variety of problems, as can all other background checks. Checkr might make a mistake or make an analysis and recommendation based on inaccurate background info.

Say that you have a very common name, like David C. Anderson. When Checkr reviews your profile and background history, it accidentally views the information of someone named David J. Anderson, who has a criminal history and multiple DUI convictions.

Armed with this information, Checkr then relays the information to DoorDash, which then decides not to offer you employment because of the erroneous info. This is only one example of how you might run into issues with the DoorDash background check process.

After your background check completes, you should receive a copy of the background check report. That will enable you to identify any erroneous information, which you can then bring to DoorDash’s attention.

Unfortunately, some DoorDash job applicants have found that their background checks get delayed or that they never hear back about their background check results. That can make it impossible to request a copy of the report and correct any incorrect information.

What if Your DoorDash Application is Rejected?

If you apply to be a DoorDash driver, but your application is rejected, don’t immediately give up. You do have options and some legal rights you can exercise.

You Have the Right to Know Why You Were Rejected

For starters, note that you always have rights under the FCRA. Specifically, any company that denies you employment (and any creditor that denies you a loan or line of credit) on the basis of your credit history has to inform you of that fact, though they don’t have to be specific.

For example, if you were denied because of an apparent DUI record found during your background check, DoorDash has to tell you that you were denied because of your background. In many cases, an adverse action notice/letter will also include the specific reason, but not all.

Once you have this information, you can contact DoorDash’s customer service team and break down where the information is wrong. If the information is wrong, but it is accurate according to an organization like the DMV, you can then contact the DMV (or any other organization) to get them to correct their records. The DMV, like all other organizations that handle consumer background information, also has a legal right to make sure that information is accurate and up-to-date at all times. 

What if You Don’t Receive an Adverse Action Notice?

But what if you don't receive an adverse action notice at all? In that case, you may have grounds for legal action. Remember, DoorDash is legally obligated to tell you why they did not hire you. If they avoid this responsibility, they are technically breaking the law since they are violating your rights.

In that case, you’ll need to contact DoorDash’s customer service team and explain that you’ll file charges if they don’t respond with the necessary information. You should consider getting in touch with knowledgeable legal representatives, who can offer you more options and break down your rights in more detail.

What to Do if You’re Rejected by DoorDash for Inaccurate Information

So, you’ve figured out that your DoorDash background check has either stalled or completed, and you've been denied employment. If you've been rejected by DoorDash for what you believe to be an inaccurate background check or credit information, you have a few extra options.

Inquire About Your Background Check’s Status and the Reason for Denial

First and foremost, you should inquire about your background check’s status and the reason for its denial.

Remember, DoorDash’s background checks are performed by the third-party company Checkr. Therefore, Checkr is the company to contact regarding background check status.

If you think any part of your background check contents is inaccurate, incomplete, or out of date, you should contact Checkr, Inc. by calling them at 844-824-3257. Alternatively, you can use the Checkr applicant portal, which enables you to directly examine the status of your background check.

In some cases, your background check paperwork or file might have simply been stalled or stuck in the system. In these cases, contacting Checkr could get your background check moving again and could resolve the issue entirely. It’s always a good idea to contact Checkr first before thinking about legal options or more in-depth investigations.

Never attribute to malice what could be attributed to pure accident or ignorance.

Contact Credit Bureaus

However, if Checkr isn’t forthcoming, or if it is adamant that your information is accurate when you think that it is not, you may need to reach out to another party.

If your credit information is erroneous in some way, you’ll instead need to file a credit dispute letter with one or more big credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and/or TransUnion. The credit bureaus are responsible for your credit information, so if you inaccurate line items, like debts under your name that you never take out, are compromising your loan or job opportunities, they’re who to contact.

You should file a dispute letter immediately. Each credit bureau has to investigate the issue within 30 days or face the possibility of legal action under the FCRA.

Contact Legal Representatives

Most DoorDash background check errors are out of ignorance or simple mistakes. But DoorDash (and Checkr) has a legal responsibility to make sure that your background check is completed only with accurate information.

If you know that inaccurate information was used for your background check, and Checkr refused to reconsider your profile because of it, you could have grounds for legal action. Checkr and DoorDash are bound by the FCRA or Fair Credit Reporting Act, which means that any background check activities must be completed with accurate, updated information.

Since denying your employment application on the grounds of inaccurate information counts as demonstrable harm to you, lawyers may be able to present a persuasive case for a lawsuit. In such circumstances, you may walk away with a monetary award or with another opportunity at employment.

If you sue and win, you might be entitled to statutory damages up to $1000 in addition to coverage for ancillary expenses, like attorneys' fees and court costs. However, be sure to speak to knowledgeable legal representatives, who will look at your case and tell you whether they think a lawsuit is worth the effort. In some cases, it might be worthwhile to seek employment elsewhere, even if Checkr and DoorDash really did make a mistake with your background information!

Fortunately, legal experts from Fair Credit can assist right from the get-go. Our knowledgeable lawyers have seen many different types of background check errors, so they know what to look for, how to present your case, and how to gather evidence on your behalf. With our assistance, your background check lawsuit will stand a much better chance of success.

Wrap Up

Background check errors aren’t common, but they can happen and prevent you from being employed by DoorDash. If this happens to you, consider contacting Fair Credit’s legal representatives to learn more about your legal options. Being denied employment because of background check issues may result in grounds for a successful lawsuit.

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