AscensionPoint Recovery Services on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
April 10, 2023

If you have complaints about AscensionPoint Recovery Services, they're listed on your credit report, and you don't know why, or you're getting calls from this company, you aren't alone. Dealing with ongoing phone calls or negative credit information isn't easy, it's intimidating and can have a major effect on your daily life.

For example, having AscensionPoint Recovery Services on your credit report can mean no one will give you new credit, and you'll be prevented from buying a house or car or getting new credit cards. If your score is low because of negative information on your report, it can also mean that even if you are approved for new credit or accounts, you'll pay a higher interest rate.

So what can you do?

Why Is AscensionPoint Recovery Services Calling Me?

If you're getting calls from AscensionPoint Recovery Services, the company believes you owe a debt. This is a collection agency that works as a third party. Third-party debt collectors don't open accounts or originate credit. Instead, other companies will hire them to collect debt on their behalf, or they might sell the debt to a third-party collector for less than what it's worth.

Who Does AscensionPoint Collect For?

AscensionPoint is a debt collector that focuses on estate and probate services. If someone has a relative who passed away, AscensionPoint may contact them to try and collect payment from their estate. AscensionPoint will primarily contact authorized estate representatives to close out financial matters. These people are also known as personal representatives or executors.

While in theory AscensionPoint Recovery Services is only supposed to contact estate executors of people who recently passed away, there are reports of the company contacting other family members or people who have no authority over the deceased person's estate. 

Is AscensionPoint Recovery Services a Real Company?

AscensionPoint Recovery services isn't a scam—they're a legitimate company. Their email is They're based in Coon Rapids, MN, and you can reach them by phone at 888-806-9074.

Your Rights If You’re Dealing with AscensionPoint Recovery Services

The areas where AscensionPoint Recovery Services collects are especially sensitive. For example, if you read customer reviews for this company, many people are contacted by this collector whose loved ones passed years prior or there is no estate to speak of. There are also many situations where AscensionPoint Recovery Services contacts people despite them not being an estate executor or having anything to do with the deceased person's finances.

Every consumer should know their rights when it comes to debt collectors.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act is the first important federal law protecting you as a consumer. Under the FCRA, consumers can know what's on their credit report and dispute any errors. Errors occur more frequently than most people realize. Common reasons for errors on credit reports include:

  • Your personal information could be confused with someone else's. For example, if there's a name similar to your own, it can get mixed up on your credit file.
  • You could be an identity theft victim.
  • Accounts that are closed or old could be reported as new or open.
  • You could have accounts incorrectly as being delinquent or late.
  • The same debt could be listed more than once.
  • Account information like balances or credit limits could be wrong.
  •  Information that was previously corrected could have been reinserted incorrectly.

The three credit bureaus can all have different information from one another, so if you see something negative on one, make sure to check the other two.

Any time you find incorrect information on your credit report, it's important to contact an FCRA attorney to start the process to dispute it right away. FCRA attorneys understand the dispute process and can protect your rights regardless of the specifics of your situation. 

Another law that can be especially relevant to know when dealing with AscensionPoint Recovery Services is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

Even if you’re the executor of a loved one's estate and you're being contacted about a legitimate debt by AscensionPoint Recovery Services, that doesn't mean they have free reign to use harassment, intimidation, or threats to try and get you to pay money or take any action.

Under the FDCPA, debt collectors must be transparent and can't purposely try to contact you at inconvenient times.

If you write a letter to AscensionPoint Recovery Services and ask them to stop contacting you, they have to comply under the law. That doesn't mean you aren't responsible for the estate's debt or, at least, making sure it gets paid. It also doesn't mean the debt collector can't take legal action, but if you're already dealing with grief, you can stop unpleasant communication from this company.

How Do You Dispute a Debt with AscensionPoint Recovery Services?

If you want to dispute something that AscensionPoint Recovery Services is calling you about or reporting you owe, contact an FCRA attorney who can begin this process on your behalf. An FCRA attorney can ensure that all necessary steps are followed for a legitimate debt dispute. 

When disputing a debt, AscensionPoint Recovery isn't supposed to contact you during this time. Instead, they're required to investigate your dispute within 30 days. Then, once their investigation ends, incorrect information should be removed from your credit reports. 

How to Stop Dealing with AscensionPoint Recovery Services

If you're continuing to deal with AscensionPoint Recovery Services, whether it's phone calls, letters, texts, or they're reporting to a credit bureau, there are steps you can take. While it is your legal right to dispute any information they have on file, they might not be responsive to you, or they might not delete wrong information from your credit report. 

In these cases, your best option could be working with a consumer protection attorney focusing on the FCRA and consumer rights under this law.

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