Orions Management Group on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
October 9, 2023

Are you getting calls from Orions Management Group? Maybe they’ve sent you notices in the mail, or even more significantly, you see that they’re listed as an account in collections on your credit report. All of these situations are stressful and intimidating. They can potentially wreak havoc on your ability to make big purchases or get new credit, but solutions are available to deal with this company effectively.

What Is Orions Management Group?

Orions Management Group, sometimes also written as Orions Management Group LLC, is a third-party debt collection agency and a debt buyer. Orions Management Group, based in Anaheim, California, will work on behalf of companies to collect debts for them. They also buy charged-off debt from companies. Charged-off debt is what original creditors believe they have no chance of collecting. 

They sell the debt for a portion of its worth, and then the new company that owns the debt will try to make a profit.

Orions Management Group isn’t familiar to you when you hear from them or see them on your credit report because they are a third-party collection company rather than an original creditor. Orions Management Group only works to collect a delinquent debt from other original creditors. The company doesn’t extend new credit or offer any account to consumers.

Is Orions Management Group a Scam?

This company is legitimate, and they aren’t a scam. They aren’t Better Business Bureau accredited but have a B-rating with the agency. According to the BBB, the company’s been in business for 14 years.

Despite not being a scam, Orions Management Group faces a number of negative consumer reviews. Some consumer reviews say that the company is trying to collect fraudulent debts. Numerous people say despite trying to dispute the debts with this company, they never heard back from them.

Consumers also say that they checked their credit reports, and Orions Management Group listed negative accounts with Transunion, Experian, and Equifax, but they didn’t receive any prior notice about this. These consumers say they never received information about the debt or any verification.

Another area where consumers take issue with this debt collector is repeatedly calling their workplace and family members back-to-back. There are allegations that the company makes threats against consumers.

Debt collectors are required to follow stringent federal laws in how they operate. One of these laws is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or the FDCPA. According to this law, debt collection agencies are prohibited from using threats or harassment when contacting someone about a debt. They aren’t supposed to talk to third parties about the debt, like family members or employers.

Debt collection agencies should always maintain transparency when communicating with someone about debt, meaning they shouldn’t misrepresent who they are or why they’re calling.

Why Is Orions Management Group Calling Me?

Orions Management Group is likely calling you because they believe you owe a debt. They could be collecting on behalf of another company, or they might have bought the debt. There are frequently situations where a person gets calls from a debt collection agency or even sees them on their credit report, but there’s been a mistake somewhere along the way. These mistakes can mean the entire debt isn’t your responsibility.

For example, your name could be mixed up with someone else’s, leading to a case of mistaken identity on the part of a debt collector. The mistakes can also be smaller but still need to be fixed, and these might include balance or payment information mistakes.

In some situations, a debt collection agency isn’t able to prove they own a debt, or provide any verification for it, in which case the consumer might not be responsible for paying it but might need legal help to get it off their credit report.

Who Does Orions Management Group Collect For?

This company collects for banks. They most often buy debts from banks so that they then own that debt, but they might also work on a contingency basis to collect for banks.

Does Getting Sent to Collections Affect Your Credit?

If you have an account that goes to collections and believe there could be any error, it’s important to talk to a consumer protection attorney and get it corrected. Even if you believe you legitimately owe a debt that Orions Management Group is calling you about, talking to a consumer protection attorney can help you learn more about your options.

When a debt goes to collections, it means someone has fallen behind on their payments, and they’re often at least 120 days late on payments before something heads to a collections agency like Orions Management Group. The collection agency will call, send letters and try to get a consumer to pay a debt owed.

When a debt is in collections, it can have sweeping effects on your finances. It can affect your credit score first and foremost. Payment history accounts for around 35% of your credit score, so if you have an account with Orions Management Group in collections, this will likely lead to a significant drop in your score for a long time. A collections account can stay on credit reports for up to seven years.

Getting loans, credit cards, or other types of financial accounts can be difficult. When you apply with a lender or credit card company, they will look at your credit reports to determine whether or not you make payments as agreed and on time. You are likely to be denied with a collections account listed, and even if you’re approved, you’re probably only going to be offered a high interest rate.

If you don’t deal with your account in collections, a debt collector can file a lawsuit against you. If the debt collection agency wins, they can garnish your wages or draft money directly from your bank account.

Fair Credit and the FCRA

You have rights as a consumer under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), including the right to dispute incorrect information and have it removed from your credit report. Fair Credit is a team of consumer protection attorneys who can help. Contact us for a free case review. 

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