Progressive Management Systems (PMS) on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
April 16, 2023

Debt collectors are infamous for their ruthless intimidation tactics and aggressive modes of communication. Oftentimes, they participate in unfavorable debt collection practices to compel consumers to pay a debt. They often make mistakes in their debt collection reporting, pursuing debts that are invalid or from the wrong person. Effectively beating them requires time, resources, and the right support.

If Progressive Management Systems has made an appearance on your credit report, and you’re unsure why, this article may be helpful for you. Here’s what you need to know about Progressive Management Systems, and how to remove them from your credit report. 

What is Progressive Management Systems and What Do They Do?

Progressive Management Systems (PMS) is a third-party debt-collection company operating on the west coast of the U.S. They have multiple locations across the country, and primarily buy delinquent accounts for a low price. 

In most cases, agencies like PMS purchase unpaid debt from creditors or lending companies that no longer want responsibility of these accounts. Their business model centers around buying delinquent debt for pennies on the dollar, and turning a large profit through aggressive collection of these debts. 

Is Progressive Management Systems a Legitimate Company?

Yes, PMS is a real, legitimate company and not a scam. However, many consumers are led to believe that they’re a scam due to their unrelenting calls and communications which feel like spam. It’s important to note that PMS is not a scam, and it’s critical that you take their communications seriously.

Although it may feel urgent, do not respond to phone calls or communications from PMS immediately. First, do your research and ensure you are well-informed and ready to take them on, before engaging in contact or making payments. 

Company’s Contact Information

For further clarification about PMS and their business, here is the company’s current contact information:

  • Corporate Address: 1521 West Cameron Avenue, First Floor, West Covina, CA 91790
  • Phone Number(s): (800) 258-7482 & (800) 640-9211
  • Website:

What Does Progressive Management Systems Collect For?

While a complete list of Progressive Management Systems’ clients remain unknown, they primarily collect for various companies in the economic sector. As stated previously, PMS purchases delinquent accounts from several different businesses, and this likely spans multiple industries.

Will This Harm My Credit?

Unfortunately, the appearance of a debt collection agency on your credit report will negatively impact your credit. This could affect your ability to secure loans, rent housing, or establish other financial necessities. But, this is no cause for panic. It’s important to remember that debt collection agencies make common errors. There have been hundreds of cases of fraudulent reports, and the debt may be easily removable from your report.

Why is Progressive Management Systems Contacting Me?

Progressive Management Systems is contacting you because they presume you owe a significant debt on behalf of one of their clients. If you’re unsure where this debt came from, be aware of the common errors that PMS and other debt collection agencies make:

  • The debt may have been accrued through stolen identity 
  • There may be duplicate accounts, resulting in false reporting
  • An individual with a similar name is responsible for the debt, and the company mixed up your file with another person
  • The debt was already paid and is still showing up on your report

If there are discrepancies or mistakes on your credit report you can have these fixed, improving your credit score and ceasing their calls. 

How Do I Know if I’m Being Harassed?

Progressive Management Systems may resort to unfavorable and unprofessional tactics when contacting you. Under the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act), your rights are protected against debt collection harassment. If any of the following occurs when interacting with a PMS representative take note of it: 

  • A PMS representative behaves in a manner that’s oppressive, abusive, and threatening
  • You’re threatened with a potential lawsuit, arrest, or even violence
  • You’re receiving multiple phone calls or messages a day, usually at inopportune hours of the day (late evening or early morning)
  • Calls are automated and not from a live person
  • The debt collector does not identify themselves upon contacting you
  • Collectors disclose confidential debt information to friends, family, or coworkers

Though this list is far from complete, it captures a glimpse of what debt collection harassment can look like. If you suspect you’re being unfairly targeted, speak with an attorney right away.

Consumer Complaints

Progressive Management Systems has received hundreds of consumer complaints for their unprofessional and aggressive behavior. In addition, consumers have revealed that PMS has acted in direct opposition to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA).

PMS has been accused of failure to validate debt, charging recipients incorrect amounts, and a refusal to answer consumer questions. 

They have over 60 complaints on the Better Business Bureau and have failed to comply with FDCPA standards in many cases. 

Removing Progressive Management Systems From Your Credit Report

You don’t have to face Progressive Management Systems on your own. There is support. 

Perform the following actions to combat collection efforts from PMS: 

Review Your Credit Report For Accuracy

Be sure to run multiple credit reports from numerous sources. You may request copies of your report from any or all of the three accredited credit bureaus. If there are any inconsistencies, errors, or misprints, consider seeking professional debt resolution help to fix these. 

Send a Cease & Desist Letter

Combative and persistent collectors may not cease contact, even after attorney representation is made known. You may send a Cease & Desist letter to PMS demanding an end to all contact. Work closely with a trusted specialist to draft a Cease & Desist letter to PMS if their calls are incessant.

Consider Legal Representation

Facing the intimidation and intricacies of debt collection is easier with experienced help. If you are unsure of where to begin, or overwhelmed at the thought of it all, hiring an attorney may be the best route for you. They can help you order your credit reports, review them for accuracy, take on any mistakes and discrepancies, negotiate settlements for valid debts, and take the stress of it all off your plate. 

Let an FCRA Attorney Serve Your Case

Facing a debt collection company is no small feat. You deserve to receive proper support when facing an agency like Progressive Management Systems. This is why hiring an FCRA attorney ensures the best possible outcome when facing relentless debt collection agencies. 

If you feel you’ve been falsely accused of a debt that’s not yours, or you acknowledge an owed debt, lean into a trusted source. The professional team at Fair Credit LLC is here to guide you through every step of the process. Reach out to us to request your free case review today!

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