Yardi Resident Screening Denied Due to Errors? We Can Help

Last Updated:
April 18, 2023

Looking for a new apartment or home? You’ll likely have to submit to a tenant or homeowner screening check from an organization like Yardi. While you hope things will go smoothly, your tenant application can be derailed due to resident screening mistakes.

Yardi resident screening errors are unfortunately very commonplace, so you need to know what to do and how to solve this issue if it crops up. Read on to discover the process to solve Yardi resident screening mistakes and why you should contact Fair Credit at the earliest opportunity.

What is Yardi?

Yardi is one of the most popular property management software platforms in use today. In a nutshell, Yardi is a specialized type of project management software that landlords, property managers, homeowners, and other individuals and organizations use to manage their resources, tenant applications, and more.

Yardi, while useful, does not actually provide tenant screening services. For that, it outsources the work to a third party called RentGrow.

So, Who Does Screening? Yardi or RentGrow?

RentGrow does the tenant screening requests that Yardi receives from clients and customers. Here’s a breakdown of how the process works:

  • A property manager for an apartment complex is looking for new apartment tenants
  • A tenant submits an application for an open property at the apartment complex
  • The property manager then submits the tenant’s application details to Yardi
  • Yardi forwards the details to RentGrow: an even more specialized tenant screening agency that provides similar services to others among its clientele
  • RentGrow takes a deep dive into the tenant’s financial, credit, employment, and criminal background, compiles a report, and sends it back to Yardi
  • Yardi then sends the information back to the property owner or manager, who makes a decision as to whether or not they will accept the apartment applicant

As you can see, Yardi tenant screening mistakes don’t technically exist. However, you may receive a report from RentGrow and see Yardi’s name mentioned. If you discover one or more errors, they are likely the result of a mistake on RentGrow’s part.

What Are Yardi Resident Screening Errors?

Resident screening errors, whether they are made by Yardi or by RentGrow, are any pieces of mistaken or out-of-date information that are compiled and put onto a tenant screening report. Tenant screening reports are provided to landlords, homeowners, and other individuals considering accepting a tenant or renter.

Here are some examples of resident screening errors you might encounter:

  • Cases of mistaken identity. For instance, Yardi might transpose a number in your Social Security number with some other digit, resulting in another person’s key background information being brought up and used for your resident analysis
  • Out-of-date information is present when it shouldn't be. As an example, most bankruptcies should vanish from your record after 7 to 10 years. If a bankruptcy is still on your report from Yardi 15 years after the fact, a landlord shouldn't be allowed to use that to determine whether or not to accept you as a tenant
  • Mistaken information is used. For instance, if Yardi makes a mistake with tenant screening by telling your landlord that you have a criminal record when you don't, it's violating your consumer rights (accidentally or otherwise) 

You’re entitled to a copy of your resident screening report if you’re denied tenancy at an apartment building or other structure. Then, you can scan the report and see if you notice any of the errors described above or other mistakes.

Yardi resident screening errors might occur just because of a human mistake. For instance, one of RentGrow’s agents might accidentally make a typo or use the wrong Social Security number, or they might confuse you with another individual, especially if you have similar names.

Alternatively, RentGrow’s software might glitch out, causing the company to provide Yardi and, in turn, landlords with the wrong information. Any of these causes, minor though they may seem, can lead to wide-ranging consequences for aspiring tenants such as yourself.

Consequences of Screening Errors

Any tenant screening errors can be disastrous, especially if you are looking to become a tenant at an excellent apartment building, duplex, or other building. Some screening errors can prevent you from finding a housing solution no matter what.

As an example, many landlords don't like to accept tenants that have histories of delinquency or missed rent payments. You may know that you previously paid all of your rent on time, but if your tenant screening report shows a lot of inaccurate line items, like missed rent payments in the past, that could convince a landlord that you aren't a very safe bet.

In the long run, screening errors can follow you around and make it difficult to qualify for loans, acquire employment, or get housing in other cities. Once an error has appeared, it stands a chance of appearing on your record elsewhere.

Because of this, it’s a good idea to both notice screening errors and contact RentGrow to fix them right away. If you encounter trouble, remember that resident screening error attorneys like Fair Credit can help.

Steps to Take After Spotting a Mistake

When you spot a mistake on a tenant screening report from RentGrow, be sure to look through the report thoroughly. You want to make sure that there aren’t any additional errors or mistakes present. If there are, write them down so you can file a dispute about all of them later down the road. 

This is especially important if the initial error is a case of mistaken identity – chances are good that RentGrow misplaced your information with other person’s in several areas, not just one.

File a Dispute with RentGrow

Once you've cataloged and written down all of the mistakes present on your tenant screening report, it's now time to file a dispute with RentGrow. Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you have the right to accurate, up-to-date background information to be used for employment and housing decisions.

If that information is inaccurate, you can file a dispute with RentGrow. Under the FCRA, RentGrow then has 30 days to investigate the issue and, if it uncovers erroneous information, to fix that info to the best of its ability. Even better, RentGrow will likely tell your landlord that they made a mistake, potentially opening up the possibility of you qualifying for tenancy once again.

Contact Attorneys

If RentGrow doesn’t correct erroneous information you bring to its attention, or if it doesn’t start an investigation whatsoever, it’s in direct violation of your FCRA rights. Therefore, you should contact attorneys right away.

Knowledgeable attorneys can both help you file a lawsuit against RentGrow and help you understand your other legal actions. They can also provide you with peace of mind – as you continue to search for housing, they can make sure your legal efforts remain strong and successful.

Why Contact Fair Credit?

As a boutique, specialized law firm, Fair Credit is your best bet for getting a good resolution to problems like Yardi resident screening errors. If you were denied residency or tenancy because of a tenant screening error, you should contact us right away.

From the start, we will provide you with the legal counsel and advice you need to succeed. For example, we can help you file a dispute letter against RentGrow online or using physical mail. In any case, we will make sure that your letter has all the relevant information needed so that RentGrow can locate the erroneous information quickly and fix it ASAP.

If RentGrow refuses to fix erroneous information, we will break down your rights and help you file a lawsuit against RentGrow if necessary. Should your lawsuit be successful, you’ll recover up to $1000 or more depending on the specifics of your case. You can also pursue additional means of legal recourse, like arbitration.

Need to make sure that your landlord keeps your apartment open while you resolve these issues? We can draft a letter on your behalf, negotiate with them, and explain the situation.

As far as cost is concerned, don’t worry too much. As a law firm with a contingency fee basis, we don’t charge our clients anything unless we recover damages for them through our efforts.

Say that you decide to sue RentGrow or Yardi because of a violation of your consumer rights. If your lawsuit is successful, we will take a small percentage of the damages you are awarded as compensation. But if your lawsuit is successful, you won’t owe us anything. In this way, you don’t have to worry about not being able to afford legal representation when you need it the most.

Contact Fair Credit Today

Fair Credit is the best law firm to contact if you’ve encountered one or more Yardi resident screening mistakes. Not only can we help you file an effective dispute letter with RentGrow, but we can also take RentGrow or Yardi to court if you wish to sue them after they violate your consumer rights. Contact us today to learn more.

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