AWA Collections on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
July 22, 2023

Many Americans can relate to the feelings of stress and anxiety that come with managing debts - particularly those that have gone into collections. The constant phone calls, missed payment notifications and looming deadlines can be overwhelming - but there is hope if you're struggling with debt.

This article will focus on AWA Collections, and will cover what the company does and how to get them removed from your credit report. We'll also discuss your rights as a consumer under federal law, so you can feel prepared to handle any unfair tactics AWA throws your way.

What Does AWA Collections Do?

AWA Collections - founded in California in 1993 - is a third-party collection agency that handles payment recovery on behalf of creditors. Specifically, they find debtors, contact them and attempt to negotiate a repayment plan or settlement. Collectors may also use legal channels, such as through filing liens or judgments on debtors who cannot or will not fulfill agreed upon payments.

If you're wondering why you're being contacted by your original creditor, it's because most creditors sell off seriously delinquent debts at discounted prices to collectors in order to recoup some portion of what is owed to them faster. Typically, those collecting on charged off accounts will be much more aggressive than the creditor's in-house collections team.

Is AWA Collections a Legit Company?

AWA Collections is a legitimate company - the company is legally licensed to collect debts, so you shouldn’t just dismiss it if you’ve been contacted by them. Some information about the company can be found below:

  • Phone Number: (888) 771-3690
  • Address: 1045 W Katella Ave Ste 230 Orange, CA 92867-3561
  • Website:
  • BBB Rating: 1/5 

With that being said, an overview of the company's Better Business Bureau (BBB) shows the consumer protection bureau has given them an F-rating, while customers give them just 1 star out of 5 - filing numerous complaints with the BBB and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Many complainants have alleged that the company pursued them with claims of debt that are not even legitimate. If you are ever contacted by this company, use caution and consider consulting with an attorney before entering into any payment arrangements.

What Can I Do If I’m Being Harassed by AWA Collections?

If AWA Collections has contacted you regarding a debt, it is important to understand your rights under federal law. The FDCPA was enacted in 1978 to prevent abusive and deceptive practices that third-party debt collection companies often engage in.

Under the law, consumers have the right to be informed of the amount owed, the identity of the creditor, and their right to dispute all or part of an alleged indebtedness. 

It is also illegal for debt collectors to use any form of harassment or intimidation when contacting consumers about a debt; this includes repeated phone calls or threats of legal action. Knowing and understanding your rights as a consumer can make all the difference in how you handle being contacted by AWA Collections. Here are some additional illegal behaviors:

  • Harassing behavior, such as repeated calling or using obscene language
  • Falsely implying that the debtor has committed a crime
  • Making threats of violence or other criminal acts
  • Using false, deceptive, or misleading information to collect a debt
  • Failing to provide written verification of a debt when requested by the debtor
  • Communicating with the debtor after having been advised in writing that communication should cease or trying to collect a debt from the wrong person
  • Misrepresenting the amount of a debt owed by the debtor
  • Collecting an amount greater than what is legally allowed by state and federal law

If you feel your rights have been infringed upon by a collector, it is important to take action. While you may be intimidated, remember that you are legally entitled to fairness when it comes to debt collection practices. 

Document as many offenses as possible and retain any written or verbal evidence from all interactions. Seeking counseling from an attorney experienced in consumer law can also help bolster your case and increase the likelihood of success in court.

How Can I Get AWA Collections Removed from My Credit Report?

If you have a collections account from AWA Collections on your credit report, it can be damaging to your credit score. It's important to take action and dispute the account in order to protect your financial health. 

The first step is to gather all the documents related to the collections account. This could include past bills, payment confirmations, and any communications from the collection agency. Make sure all information is up to date before disputing the account. The following steps can help sort out any inaccuracies:

  • Request a free copy of your credit report from each of the three bureaus; look for any errors or discrepancies affecting your score.
  • Carefully review all details included in each of these reports; make sure there are no mistakes or inaccuracies concerning AWA Collections accounts.
  • Create a detailed plan of action for resolving discrepancies and errors on your reports; this should include information about the purpose for disputing the collections account as well as any supporting evidence for doing so.
  • Submit written letters to each of the major credit bureaus with clear instructions on how they should investigate and respond to this dispute resolution request; provide copies of relevant documents as proof of validity as needed.

Be sure to keep in mind that the process of disputing items on your credit report can be time consuming, so it’s important to stay patient.. If you’re struggling to complete any of these steps, it can help to seek out professional help from someone familiar with consumer law and credit disputes.

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