Credit Bureau Services on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
June 15, 2023

Are you feeling overwhelmed by your debt because Credit Bureau Services has been repeatedly and relentlessly hounding you for payment? Taking action can be extremely intimidating when the odds seem to be stacked against you, but there’s no need to panic. It is possible to beat Credit Bureau Services debt collections.

Through careful planning, meticulous research, and a bit of courage, you can overcome your current financial obstacles and reclaim control of your finances. In this article, we'll discuss how.

What Does Credit Bureau Services Do?

Founded in 1978, Credit Bureau Services is a Missouri-based debt collection agency that focuses on helping original creditors recoup debts that have reached a point of serious delinquency. Credit Bureau Services has two methods of making a profit: one is by purchasing debt for pennies on the dollar, and the other is by being hired by the original creditor to enforce their collections activities. 

Their collections program includes communication campaigns utilizing both phone calls and letters—which are often the source of frustration for consumers. 

Is Credit Bureau Services a Legit Company?

Yes, Credit Bureau Services is a legitimate debt collector. Many consumers will dismiss calls or letters from the company under the misapprehension that it’s a scam - this can have serious consequences down the line, and the issue won’t simply go away because you ignore it.

Contact Information:

  • Phone Number: (573) 334-6044
  • Address: 2147 William St Cape Girardeau, MO 63703-5817
  • Website:
  • BBB Rating: 1/5 

Credit Bureau Services may have the legal right to collect on debts, but it's clear that consumers who've dealt with the company are less than satisfied with their behavior. 

Receiving only a one-star rating from the Better Business Bureau - and facing multiple complaints with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau by those who felt mistreated or taken advantage of - it goes without saying that they have failed to live up to the standards one would hope for when dealing with something as sensitive as debt. 

Why Am I Getting Phone Calls from Credit Bureau Services? 

If you've been contacted by Credit Bureau Services it can be disconcerting - especially if you don't recognize the original account. Determining if you are actually responsible for the debt is not always straightforward. In some cases, like a forgotten bill due to an old address which hasn't been updated in the agency's records, the debt simply may have gone unnoticed. 

However, it's never a bad idea to check and make sure your name isn't wrongly associated with someone else's debt, as well as verify whether the amount is what you legitimately owe. 

In these situations, it’s recommended that you review all available documentation carefully and exercise caution before entering into any payment agreement. Here are a few cases where the debt in question could be inaccurate or illegitimate:

  • Debts you’ve already paid off

These are debts that have been settled according to the agreed upon payment terms with creditors. 

  • Debts that aren’t yours

These are debts that were listed as belonging to you even though they don’t. This could be due to errors made by creditors or identity theft.

  • Accounts opened due to identity theft

Identity theft is when someone uses your personal information without your knowledge or permission to open accounts or apply for loans or credit cards in your name.

  • Debts that are falsely reported as late or unpaid

These are debts that have been incorrectly reported as overdue when they were actually paid on time. 

If you are being contacted by a debt collection agency over an alleged debt that you don't believe to be yours, standing up for your rights is the first and most important priority.

Don't let yourself become intimidated or settle the matter without due diligence. Make sure the debt is valid before you agree to any payments.

Protect yourself and don't allow agencies making false claims to harm your financial standing. It is entirely within your right to make them show proof before taking any action.

What Can I Do if Credit Bureau Services is Harassing Me?

Understanding and exercising the rights you have under the FDCPA is essential for keeping debt collectors like Credit Bureau Services in check when pursuing a debt. Not only does the FDCPA dictate which language these services must use, but it also mandates that collection calls are made during restricted hours - typically from 8am to 9pm local time - and that consumers must be treated with respect through every step of the collection process. 

This law helps protect your personal wellbeing, as well as your financial security, from aggressive tactics that debt collectors sometimes employ on overdue accounts. Here are some practices that are prohibited under federal law:

  • Harassment of debtors, such as using obscene language or threats of violence
  • Unreasonable calls and communications, including calling repeatedly or before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m.
  • False representations, including claiming to be an attorney or law enforcement officer
  • Misrepresentations regarding the amount of debt owed, false credit reporting, and impersonating creditors
  • Demanding payment of interest, fees, and other charges not authorized by the contract or applicable state law
  • Disclosing information about the debt to third parties such as family members or employers without permission
  • Making misleading statements when collecting a debt
  • Taking any nonjudicial action against a consumer debtor in connection with collecting a debt unless permitted by law.

Understanding your rights as a consumer is the first step to proactively protecting yourself from any unfair tactics Credit Bureau Services might use. Compiling evidence of communication or phone records provides you with an added layer of security if a violation were to occur.

If this happens, filing a lawsuit and seeking justice through legal channels should be explored, for which having the guidance of a qualified attorney is highly recommended.

Who Does Credit Bureau Services Collect For?

Credit Bureau Services collects for companies across a range of industries - this includes medical and healthcare, telecoms, student lenders, rental property managers, internet services providers and more. Since your rights as a consumer will vary by the type of debt you owe, it’s important to work with an attorney who can help you understand how to negotiate with Credit Bureau Services or any other collector. 

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