AmeriFinancial Solutions on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
June 3, 2023

Are you getting calls from AmeriFinancial Solutions or trying to determine why they’re on your credit report? If so, you aren’t alone. Negative information on your credit report can prevent you from getting new accounts, including home or car loans. You may need to get AmeriFinancial Solutions deleted from your credit report, but you don’t know where to start. It’s intimidating to deal with debt collectors. 

You could also get annoying and embarrassing phone calls that are disruptive while you’re at work or throughout the day. There are solutions and legal protections if you also find yourself in this situation.

What is AmeriFinancial Solutions?

AmeriFinancial Solutions is a debt collector. If this company calls you, it’s because they believe you owe a debt that’s become delinquent. The company offers what is described as “bad” debt collections and works on a contingent basis. What that means is that other companies which people have original accounts with outsource their debt collection work to AmeriFinancial Solutions.

How Do I Contact AmeriFinancial Solutions?

If you want to reach out to AmeriFinancial Solutions for any reason, their website is, and you can also call them at 800-753-7100.

Why Is AmeriFinancial Solutions on My Credit Report?

If you don’t make payments, the original credit account might be sold to a company that buys debt or a collection agency like AmeriFinancial Solutions. Even when a debt goes into collections, you still legally have to pay it, and collections accounts can harm your credit score. If you see AmeriFinancial Solutions on your credit report, a company you owe money to has transferred that debt to them,  or there’s been a mistake.

Collection agencies are supposed to try to contact you and provide you with specific information before reporting debts to credit bureaus, but that doesn’t always happen.

If you do owe the debt, you might pay AmeriFinancial directly rather than paying the original lender, but never do anything without first talking to a consumer protection attorney. If AmeriFinancial Solutions is listed as a collections account on your credit report, it can stay on for seven years from the date of your first late payment unless you take other action to have it removed.

Who Does AmeriFinancial Solutions Collect For?

AmeriFinancial Solutions is very specific in who they collect for. They work for doctor’s groups in hospitals. 

If you go to the emergency room as an example and receive care, the doctors aren’t hospital employees in most situations. They’re independent contractors, so their companies will bill you separately. You might end up getting a lot of bills from a single hospital visit. It gets confusing, especially if insurance and Medicaid are involved. If a bill were to go unpaid, purposely or accidentally, from your hospital visit, then AmeriFinancial Solutions might start calling you about it eventually.

Is AmeriFinancial Solutions Legitimate?

If you’re worried you’re being scammed by AmeriFinancial solutions, know they are a legitimate debt collection agency. Does that mean the debt they’re contacting you about is something you legitimately owe? No, not always. Frequently, debt collection agencies receive the wrong information from original creditors who bill people.

The wrong information can also get reported on your credit. Reasons for wrong credit report information include:

  • Your file is mixed up with someone else’s. 

When there are mixed credit files, it’s usually because your name is similar to another person's. You could also share a close Social Security number.

  • The original hospital that was billing you might have sent the wrong information to AmeriFinancial Solutions. 

Medical and hospital billing is notorious for being inaccurate. As soon as you get a bill from a hospital, you should carefully review it for accuracy.

  • Maybe you owed the debt at one point, but it’s old and should have been removed from your credit report, and now it’s being reported like it’s new.
  • You paid the account in question on time or closed it the right way.

If you think there’s even a possibility that you don’t owe the money AmeriFinancial Solutions is contacting you about, you should talk to a Fair Credit Reporting Act attorney. An FCRA attorney can review the case and then, if appropriate, submit a dispute on your behalf, making sure all the necessary procedures are followed properly. 

If AmeriFinancial Solutions receives a dispute, they have to:

  • Conduct an investigation of your dispute.
  • Tell you what they find during the dispute within five days of completing it.
  • Delete or correct information that’s not verifiable, inaccurate, or incomplete within 30 days of getting notice of your dispute.

If a debt collector doesn’t let you know you have the right to dispute inaccurate information, it can be considered a violation of the FCRA.

The risk of trying to manage the dispute process on your own is that the time windows you have to work within are short, and sometimes, talking directly to a debt collector can make things worse. 

AmeriFinancial Solutions Can’t Harass You

Sometimes consumers feel like they’re at the mercy of debt collectors, especially if they do owe a debt. You still have rights, whether you owe the debt in question or not. For example, if AmeriFinancial Solutions uses harassment, threats, or deception when they contact you, they’re not following the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and you may be able to speak to an attorney.

What If You Feel Like Your Rights Were Violated?

If a creditor, debt collection company, or even a credit bureau is violating your rights under the FCRA, you might be able to recover damages as well as get the information off your report and stop their phone calls.

It’s intimidating to deal with debt collection agencies, which is where we can help.

Fair Credit is a team of attorneys specializing in the FCRA, and we offer free case reviews. We know the strain it can put on you mentally if you’re dealing with a debt collector, especially if they violate your FCRA rights, are unresponsive, or are incorrectly trying to contact you.

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