Collection Center, Inc Wyoming on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
July 9, 2023

Fielding phone calls from Collection Center, Inc can be an extremely taxing experience. Having a clear understanding of the tactics used by debt collectors will not only help you prepare yourself emotionally and mentally but also provide guidance on how to best navigate your situation. 

Whether you are contesting inaccuracies in documents or trying to possibly remove the debt altogether, it is critical to have all relevant information at your disposal. This article will provide clear insights into the inner workings of Collection Center, Inc, as well as practical guidance on how to successfully defend yourself against them. 

What Does Collection Center, Inc Do?

Debt collectors like Collection Center, Inc - which has been operating out of Wyoming since 1919 - exist to attempt to collect money from those who are overdue on payments for debts. They contact debtors and work to arrange for payment of the debt, either by negotiating a repayment plan or attempting to identify resources that can be used to settle the debt. 

Ultimately, their goal is remittance of the debt so that both parties are satisfied with the outcome - however, this process can be time consuming and often results in leaving the consumer frustrated with the constant contact via phone calls and letters.

Is Collection Center, Inc a Legitimate Company?

Yes, Collection Center, Inc is a legitimate debt collector - if you’ve been contacted by this company, it’s important you don’t ignore their correspondence. They’re not a scam and doing so won’t make them go away. Their contact information can be found below: 

  • Phone Number: (800) 442-2574
  • Address: 406 6th St Rawlins, WY 82301
  • Website:
  • BBB Rating: 1/5 

If Collection Center, Inc. contacts you about a debt, you should be vigilant - the company currently has a dismal 1-star rating with both the Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and multiple complaints filed against them at both organizations. 

Keeping your rights in mind is essential - while they are legally permitted to collect debts due, they may not be operating by ethical standards all of the time. Make sure to take appropriate action if Collection Center, Inc. appears to be behaving inappropriately.

What Can I Do If I’m Being Harassed by Collection Center, Inc?

Working with debt collectors can be a stressful and intimidating process, which is why it's essential to become familiar with the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) before starting any kind of conversation. The FDCPA was designed to protect consumers from potentially illegal practices by setting out prohibitions for creditors, such as using threatening language or false statements. 

Knowing your rights as a consumer provides you with an invaluable layer of protection when dealing with companies like Collection Center, Inc. Some prohibited behaviors under this law include the following:

  • Harassment

Making repeated, excessive phone calls to a consumer, using obscene or profane language, or threatening violence.

  • False statements

Claiming to be an attorney or government representative, making false statements about the debt owed and its consequences, giving false credit information about the consumer to anyone else.

  • Unfair practices

Attempting to collect amounts not authorized by law or contract; collecting unlawful fees or interest; attempting to collect a debt without permission from the court; and misrepresenting the amount of debt owed.

  • Unjustified threats

Threatening legal action that cannot legally be taken or is not intended to be taken (such as arrest) in order to coerce payment on a debt; indicating that nonpayment will result in garnishment of wages when garnishment is not legally permissible; and threatening to take property unless it is legally permitted.

  • Contacting third parties concerning a person’s debt

Revealing information regarding the debtor’s debt to third parties such as friends, family members, employers and co-workers in an attempt to gain information about the debtor’s whereabouts and/or ability to pay (unless the law allows).

  • Using abusive language

Using any language that abuses a person in connection with attempts to collect a debt (this includes racial slurs).

  • Invading privacy

Calling outside of reasonable hours which are generally 8 AM - 9 PM local time; calling at work when debtor has indicated they are not allowed personal calls while working; continuing communication with debtor after they have requested contact cease (verbally or through written correspondence); and repeatedly contacting someone without disclosing their identity upon initial contact.

  • Failing to provide adequate disclosures

Failing to disclose required information about rights of consumers under the FDCPA during communications with consumers and failing sending adequate notices containing necessary legal disclosures before filing suit against them for collection of debts

Be sure to take action and hold Collection Center, Inc accountable for potential violations that occur. Keeping an accurate record of any communication with the company can serve to strengthen your case should you decide to sue the organization for violating your rights. 

It can also help to enlist the services of a qualified lawyer that specializes in this area. With their expertise, they can not only guide you through the right steps but will be able to advise which options are best suited to protect your rights and interests.

How Can I Get Collection Center, Inc Removed from My Credit Report? 

Having a collections account on your report can have lasting negative impacts, such as making it more difficult and more expensive for you to get loans and making it harder for you to open a new line of credit. It is important to take action and do what you can to get the collections account off your credit report.

  • Gather evidence that shows the collection may have been reported incorrectly or that the debt is no longer owed. This could include documentation related to payment agreements or proof of identity theft or fraud.
  • Reach out to the creditor directly in writing with evidence that proves their account was reported incorrectly or that their debt is no longer owed.
  • If the creditor does not respond positively within 30 days, contact both Equifax and TransUnion in order to dispute the collection account and ask them to investigate on your behalf.

If you are still unable to get the collections account off your credit report, consider enlisting the help of a professional who specializes in credit repair services and consumer law to help you negotiate with or take legal action against Collection Center, Inc. 

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