Continental Credit Control on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
October 15, 2023

If Continental Credit Control is listed on your credit report, or you’re getting letters or calls from a company by this name, you’re probably wondering why. Your next questions likely relate to how to get rid of the account on your credit and stop their calls. The steps you take are important because otherwise, not dealing with Continental Credit Control proactively can have far-reaching effects on your finances.

What Is Continental Credit Control?

Continental Credit Control is a debt collection agency. A third-party debt collector operates as an outsourced way for original creditors to collect debts. Sometimes these companies also buy debts outright.

Continental Credit Control is based in Santa Barbara and reports to the three major bureaus: Transunion, Equifax, and Experian.

People are often confused by debt collectors because even if they legitimately owe a debt, they aren’t familiar with the company name. It’s hard to know to whom you owe money when debt is passed on to third-party collectors or sold.

A person will have an account with an original creditor first, and then, if they don’t make payments as agreed upon, the company might first use their internal financial department to try and collect it. They could send notices over a period of months as well as make phone calls. Eventually, after 120 days of nonpayment, the original creditor might outsource debt collection to a third-party agency. 

Third-party agencies have unique tools available to them in the collection process that the original creditor might not have.

There are certain laws and rules pertaining to third-party collectors and not original creditors in trying to get consumers to repay a debt.

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is one law that debt collectors have to follow. Because of the FDCPA, a debt collector isn’t supposed to call people before 8 in the morning, nor are they allowed to call after 9 p.m. 

They aren’t supposed to call a person’s employer other than for identity verification, call continuously or repeatedly, or contact you after you ask them not to. Debt collectors have to be transparent about the money they owe, who it was originally owed to, and why they’re calling. They can’t misrepresent themselves or your debt.

Debt collection agencies aren’t allowed to use threats or harassment as part of their attempts to collect money, and they can’t be vague or not provide information about the name and account number of the original creditor.

Why Is Continental Credit Control Calling Me?

If you get phone calls or any other contact from Continental Credit Control, they believe you owe a debt.

Is Continental Credit Control a Scam?

Continental Credit Control is not a scam. It is a legitimate debt collection company, but it’s important that you talk to a consumer protection attorney before you speak to them directly. Talking to a debt collector directly without consulting with an attorney can worsen your situation. For example, it could lead to an acknowledgment of a debt, which could then restart the statute of limitations. 

The statute of limitation on most debts is seven years, after which they’re supposed to come off your credit report.

Additionally, there are frequently cases where people don’t owe a debt even when a debt collector says they do, or some of the information about the debt in question is wrong. Don’t assume you owe money simply because Continental Credit Control is calling you. A consumer protection attorney can look into the debt and ensure there isn’t a mistake.

Mistakes happen in debt collection all the time.

There are situations where there are smaller mistakes, such as wrong information being reported about payment dates or the balance owed. Then, there are much bigger mistakes where your identity could be mixed up with someone else’s. A consumer protection attorney can work on your behalf to determine if you even owe the debt Continental Credit Control is trying to collect.

Many people don’t initially realize that debt collection agencies often have to work to fill in identifying information. The original creditor might not provide them with everything they need to locate someone, so they’ll use their own tactics to verify identity, but this leaves room for error.

Who Does Continental Credit Control Collect For?

Continental Credit Control collects for healthcare companies. Healthcare debt is on many Americans’ credit reports currently. When someone seeks healthcare at a doctor’s office, hospital, or clinic or gets lab work done, their insurance will typically pay for some of it, but there are almost always out-of-pocket costs. These costs can be tens of thousands of dollars for complex care and overnight stays.

If a person doesn’t pay their medical debt, it can be sent to a collection agency like Continental Credit Control.

There are also times when debt collectors can take legal action against consumers, such as suing them.

If Continental Credit Control is listed on your credit report, you should be proactive about talking to a consumer protection attorney to get the situation sorted out, whether you actually owe the debt or not.

What Are the Impacts of a Collections Account on Your Credit?

A collections account with Continental Credit Control listed on your reports with Experian, Transunion, or Equifax can have a big and negative impact on your credit score. Thirty-five percent of your credit score is typically related to your payment history. Collections accounts can also stay on your credit report for as long as seven years, and during this time, you may find it hard to open new accounts, rent a home or get a mortgage.

The Fair Credit Reporting Act is a consumer protection law that can help you if you’re dealing with Continental Credit Control. Along with outlining how your credit information can be accessed and used, it also gives you the right to dispute any wrong information. Within 30 days of receiving a dispute notification, the company must investigate and update anything wrong based on its findings. 

The company must also remove negative information if it can’t verify it.

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