Credit Management, LP on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
June 29, 2023

If you’re dealing with collections activity from Credit Management, LP then you know firsthand how stressful and overwhelming the situation can be. You may have received letters or phone calls in regards to an unpaid debt, and could even find yourself interacting with relentless and aggressive collectors. 

However, debt doesn’t have to impact your life if you take a few proactive steps when you're contacted about an account that's gone to collections. It can be hard to quell the anxiety of being bombarded by collection agents, but knowing more about what Credit Management, LP is, what they do and what your rights are can help you successfully negotiate with the company.

What Does Credit Management LP Do?

Founded in 2001, Credit Management, LP is a Texas-based debt collection agency that works directly with businesses and the general public in order to recover outstanding debts. 

They purchase charged-off accounts from creditors for pennies on the dollar, allowing the original creditor to receive some return on unpaid balances. They also provide services like skip tracing and investigation at agreed upon fees for their collection efforts. 

In either situation, a debt collector’s role requires working with debtors to make arrangements for repayment in full or by installments depending on the situation. This includes initiating communication with the debtor (by phone, letter or email), setting up payment plans, garnishing assets if applicable, and offering mediation services when necessary. 

Debt collectors are also responsible for keeping accurate records of their activities and reporting data back to creditors while adhering to all relevant state and federal laws.

Is Credit Management LP a Legitimate Company?

Yes, Credit Management, LP is a legitimate debt collector - the company should not be mistaken for a scam. You can verify that you’re being contacted by this company using the contact information below:

  • Phone Number: (972) 862-4200
  • Address: 6080 Tennyson Pkwy STE 100 Plano, TX 75024-6002
  • Website:
  • BBB Rating: 1/5 

As of 2023, Credit Management LP has a dismal 1-star rating on the BBB platform amidst nearly 400 complaints from consumers, yet the company remains operational. Being aware of the legal limits to which this company is bound when contacting or negotiating debts with clients is paramount before any interaction occurs. 

Knowing your rights as a consumer can be key in safeguarding your financial and personal safety. You should also carefully document any violations whenever they may occur.

Why Am I Getting Phone Calls from Credit Management LP? 

If you have been contacted by Credit Management, LP regarding a debt, it is likely that you are responsible for it. However, when dealing with creditors, there's always the risk of debt collectors attempting to recover payment from the wrong person. 

In these cases, it's important to verify information provided by Credit Management, LP and take appropriate action to ensure no payments are made in error. If any irregularities or errors are identified during the verification process they should be reported to Credit Management, LP with supporting documentation immediately. 

Here are a few examples of cases where debts can be inaccurate or illegitimate:

  • Paid debts that have been fully settled and closed.
  • Unauthorized accounts opened under your name due to identity theft.
  • Incorrectly reported late or unpaid debts on your credit report.
  • Disputed debts for which you do not owe the creditor any money.

If you believe Credit Management, LP is attempting to collect a debt that you do not owe, don't let their actions go unchallenged. You have the right to protect yourself, Reach out to Fair Credit now - we can handle any disputes of invalid debt on your report in order to get those removed for you.

What Can I Do If I’m Being Harassed by Credit Management LP?

Understanding the FDCPA is key in protecting yourself against any illegal and harassing collection practices. By familiarizing yourself with your rights listed in this law, you will be prepared to respond correctly should a debt collector attempt to engage in any prohibited behavior such as making repeated phone calls, using false or misleading information, or engaging in harassment.

Credit Management, LP, and other companies must adhere strictly to these laws when interacting with consumers; failure to do so results in hefty fines for these debt collectors and may include additional punitive damages for you. Knowing your rights puts you ahead of the game in preventing potentially unlawful behavior from happening in the first place. 

Here are some prohibited behaviors under federal law:

  • Harassment or abuse

Using profane language, or threatening physical harm or harm to reputation or property.

  • False or misleading representations

Misrepresenting the character, amount, or legal status of a debt.

  • Publishing false information

Publicly disclosing information about a debt without the debtor’s permission.

  • Contacting people other than the debtor

Trying to obtain information about a debtor from third parties without authorization.

  • Contacting the debtor at inappropriate times/places

Calling before 8 AM or after 9 PM and contacting them in places they deem inappropriate such as their place of employment when they have asked not to be contacted there.

  • Unfair practices in collecting debts

Requesting postdated checks and threatening arrest for nonpayment of a debt.

  • Failing to provide verification of a debt

Not providing written proof that the debt is valid within five days of an initial contact attempt with the debtor, as required by law.

  • Adding unauthorized fees/charges

Charging added fees for collection activities that are not allowed under state law or contracts signed by the consumer

If you're dealing with unscrupulous activities from Credit Management, LP, it is important to document every communication you have with the company. This helps provide a paper trail if the agency engages in any behavior that violates consumer protection laws. 

Additionally, it may be useful to record telephone conversations - when you're in your legal rights to do so -and save all emails or letters sent and received. Should legal action become necessary, it is highly recommended to seek out an experienced lawyer who can determine the best course of action and assist with filing the correct paperwork. 

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