Hollis Cobb Associates on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
May 30, 2023

If you're receiving calls from a company called Hollis Cobb, or even more worrisome, you've checked your credit, and they're listed as a collections account, it's confusing. You've probably never heard of the company before, so you're wondering how you possibly owe them money. You can take steps to verify a debt if Hollis Cobb believes you owe it, and also dispute invalid debts so they're removed from your credit report.

What is Hollis Cobb Associates?

Hollis Cobb is a third-party debt collection company. Their business collects past-due debts from other companies. Hollis Cobb doesn't originate any debts or open accounts.

A debt collector like Hollis Cobb might be trying to contact you if a creditor believes you've become past due on a debt. Some creditors use in-house debt collectors, but many outsource this work to third parties like Hollis Cobb.

Who Is the CEO of Hollis Cobb Associates?

The chairman of Hollis Cobb Associates is Alan Cobb, but the Company's President and Chief Executive Officer is Greg Hocutt.

Is Hollis Cobb Associates Legitimate?

Hollis Cobb Associates isn't a scam. They're a real business, and the company is located in Atlanta. The company has accreditation from the Better Business Bureau. Despite its A-plus rating, there are numerous consumer complaints and negative reviews. 

A lot of the negative reviews say that people received calls, letters, or other correspondence from Hollis Cobb about a debt they had already paid. Consumers say that even though they’ve provided proof to Hollis Cobb that they’ve paid the debt they’re calling about, they still continue calling and harassing them. 

Some people say Hollis Cobb threatened them in various ways, and others said they set up payment plans with the company only to be charged multiple times. 

Who Does Hollis Cobb Associates Collect For?

If you're getting calls from Hollis Cobb, it's likely related to medical or healthcare debt. For example, if you visited a hospital and didn't pay a bill, Hollis Cobb might be brought in as the collections company. There is also a lot of room for error with medical debt, especially since it involves providers who are independent contractors and also insurance companies.

Whenever someone receives medical treatment, especially at a hospital, they’re advised to check their bill carefully for mistakes and duplicates to avoid issues later on, including with debt collectors. 

Why Is Hollis Cobb Associates Calling Me?

If you're getting calls from Hollis Cobb, they either think you owe a debt that started with a medical provider, or they could be calling you to try and get in touch with a family member.

What Are My Rights When Dealing with Hollis Cobb?

If you’re getting calls from Hollis Cobb Associates, it will be stressful. You might not even know whether or not you actually owe a debt. In one recent study, more than one-third of consumers found errors on their credit reports. The chances there’s a mistake, and that’s why you’re getting calls from Hollis Cobb, is pretty high.

Whether you owe the money the company calls you about, you still have rights.

There’s a law in the U.S. called the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or the FDCPA. Under this federal law, debt collectors have limits on what they can and can’t do.

For example, if Hollis Cobb tries to threaten you, use harassment, or intimidate you, they’re non-compliant with this law. If they call you at work and you ask them not to, this also goes against the FDCPA.

The company has to be fully transparent about why they’re calling and where the debt originated from. They can’t report negative information to credit bureaus until they’ve provided you with all the information about the debt in question.

Do You Actually Owe Money to Hollis Cobb Associates?

Because of how commonly debt collectors have wrong information or incorrect information is reported to credit bureaus, if you hear from this company, you should contact a Fair Credit Reporting Act attorney before doing anything else. An FCRA can work to determine the legitimacy of a debt. 

One example of when you might not owe a debt is if you’re the victim of identity theft. Medical identity theft is especially prevalent. With medical identity theft, people can pretend to be you when they receive medical services. Then, you’re responsible for the debt unless you dispute it.

By contacting an FCRA attorney, you’ll have someone who can work on your behalf throughout the entire dispute process to ensure it’s done properly. 

Why Would You Dispute a Collections Account?

Collections accounts can be disputed if you think they're incorrect. For example, if you did at one point owe on the account Hollis Cobb Associates is trying to collect on, but it's more than seven years old, you can dispute it.

The account could also belong to someone else. Maybe your personal information was mixed up with theirs. There are many instances where people with similar names or Social Security numbers have credit information that gets mixed up with one another. 

It could also be that the debt has a wrong balance or some other information isn't correct, like your dates of payment. 

If the collection agency does an investigation and concludes the information is being reported incorrectly, they have to remove the wrong information. Under the FCRA, incorrect information should usually be removed within 30 days. 

How Can I Get Hollis Cobb Associates Off My Credit Report?

While debt collection is regulated under federal law and there are processes for disputing the debt, some consumers find that debt collectors aren't responsive or don't follow through with investigating their dispute and removing wrong information.

There are a lot of different situations where you can run into hurdles with debt collection companies, and these problems can mean you have the headaches of ongoing phone calls or the detrimental effects that continue to damage your credit score.

If you're struggling to get Hollis Cobb Associates off your credit report, contact Fair Credit. We're FCRA attorneys, and we offer free case reviews.

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