Integral Recoveries on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
October 16, 2023

When you check your credit report and Integral Recoveries is listed there, it’s important that you take action. Otherwise, you could be prevented from taking further financial steps in your life, plus you have to deal with the stress of debt collection.

What Is Integral Recoveries?

Integral Recoveries is an accounts receivable management company, which is another way of saying they’re a debt collector. Integral Recoveries is a third-party debt collection agency, so other companies will contact them when their clients don’t make on-time payments. The original creditors will outsource debt collection to Integral Recoveries, so this company collects on their behalf.

Based in Colorado, this third-party collection agency can report to the three major credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax, and Transunion.

Why Is Integral Recoveries Calling Me?

If you get phone calls from Integral Recoveries, they believe you owe a debt. You may legitimately owe the debt, or there could be a mistake. Mistakes are common in debt collection and can stem from many different factors, including:

  • Wrong balance information
  • Incorrect payment history information
  • Mixed up identities
  • Old debts are reported as new
  • Debts that should have been discharged in bankruptcy are still being reported
  • You’re not a primary account holder but are instead an authorized user

Who Does Integral Recoveries Collect For?

This company collects in a number of industries, including:

  • Government

Integral Recoveries works with state, county, and city governments as third-party debt collectors to collect debts on their behalf.

  • Healthcare

Healthcare debt is reported on tens of millions of Americans’ credit reports. After someone receives healthcare services, their insurance may pay a portion of their care, and then they’re responsible for out-of-pocket costs. If a consumer owed a hospital, physician, clinic, or ambulance service provider and didn’t make payments, they might get calls from Integral Recoveries.

  • Higher education

Integral Recoveries works with public and private collectors and universities to collect unpaid debts.

  • Financial services

Financial services providers can include credit card issuers, banks, and more.

·         Retail and commercial

Integral Recoveries collects for stores and service providers, and also business-to-business clients.

  • Utilities

Utility companies that Integral Recoveries collects on behalf of include telecommunications, electric, gas, water, trash, and recycling services.

Am I Being Scammed by Integral Recoveries?

One of the biggest issues consumers have when dealing with a third-party debt collector is trying to figure out whether or not it’s a scam. If a company you’re unfamiliar with suddenly starts calling you to tell you that you owe money, it’s a red flag.

Integral Recoveries is not a scam, however. They are a legitimate debt collector, but that doesn’t mean the debt is something you actually owe. A consumer protection attorney can look into your situation and determine the legitimacy and validity of the debt Integral Resources is calling you about or is reporting to credit bureaus.

While Integral Recoveries isn’t a scam, consumers have numerous complaints against the company.

One of the common complaints that people have is that they can’t get a response from anyone at Integral Recoveries. They say they’ve received letters informing them of a debt, but when they call, they can never reach a person to speak to about it. 

This seems to be a common issue among many people when dealing with Integral Recoveries. Some people say they set up payment plans with the company and made the payments as agreed, and now Integral Recoveries says they have no record of this.

Some people allege that Integral Recoveries uses threats when contacting them, which can violate the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act if it’s true. The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a federal law that protects consumers from certain behaviors by debt collection agencies.

Under the FDCPA, along with not making threats, companies are supposed to avoid using any type of harassment or deception when contacting consumers about debts. The FDCPA stipulates that third-party debt collectors should be transparent about who they are, why they’re calling consumers and the money they owe. Debt collectors should also be transparent about who the original creditor is and who the person had an account with. 

How to Get Integral Recoveries Off Your Credit Report

You might not have realized Integral Recoveries was on your credit report until you checked it for another reason. Maybe you were preparing to apply for a credit card or loan and wanted to see what the lender would see when pulling your report, or you could have already applied for something and were turned down, so you’re checking into why. You might also be checking your credit regularly to ensure there aren’t errors.

Regardless of how you saw Integral Recoveries on your credit, it’s important to be proactive about getting it off.

This company would be listed as a collections account, and having this type of negative information reported on your account can lead to a significant decline in your credit score. It’s estimated that 35% of your credit score stems from your payment history. Having an account in collections is a red flag to creditors and lenders that you don’t make on-time payments.

A consumer protection attorney can work with Integral Recoveries to validate the debt and determine if you owe it.

If there’s been an error under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), you have the right to dispute it. A consumer protection attorney can submit a dispute on your behalf, and then Integral Recoveries is required to investigate it and report its findings. At that point, they should update any incorrect or invalid information.

This can lead to the removal of the collections accounts from your credit.

If you attempt to contact Integral Recoveries without an attorney, they might be unresponsive, or it can make things worse by restarting the statutes of limitations on a debt.

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