JHPDE Finance I, LLC on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
July 7, 2023

Navigating the collections process with JHPDE Finance I, LLC can be a stressful and challenging experience, but understanding the tactics used by debt collectors can help you take back control of the situation. 

This article will guide you through ways to successfully defend yourself, such as spotting errors in their documents or disputing any negative marks on your credit report. With the right information, taking on JHPDE Finance I, LLC doesn't have to be daunting - keep reading for the tools you'll need to face them confidently.

What Does JHPDE Finance I, LLC Do?

Debt collectors like JHPDE Finance I, LLC - founded in Delaware in 2017 - are organizations that purchase consumer debts from creditors who no longer wish to pursue them. They may buy these debts for pennies on the dollar or receive a fee from the original creditor. Once the debt collector has purchased the debt from the creditor, their goal is to collect full payment from the debtor.

Debt collectors will typically contact debtors through various channels in order to remind them of their financial obligations and agree upon a suitable payment plan if necessary. It is important to remember that debt collectors cannot legally threaten legal action, use offensive language or any type of harassment when attempting to recover unpaid debts.

Is JHPDE Finance I, LLC a Legit Company?

Yes, JHPDE Finance I, LLC is a legitimate company. If they contact you, it’s important to address the situation - don’t simply ignore them thinking it’s a scam.

Because JHPDE Finance I, LLC is a newly established debt collection agency, the company has not built up an established reputation yet and there's little information about the company available. 

There are many other organizations with similar names registered as debt collectors across the United States, and it appears that they're all subsidiaries of JH Portfolio Debt Equities based in California, as the two organizations exchange accounts, providing ample evidence of their affiliation and connection. 

What Can I Do If I’m Being Harassed by JHPDE Finance I, LLC?

Working with debt collectors is never easy, but the FDCPA provides protections against unfair behavior. Understanding your rights can give you a critical advantage in these difficult conversations, and there are some important points to remember in order to avoid illegal conduct on the part of the debt collector. 

For example, the FDCPA prohibits potentially harassing behaviors like repeatedly calling the debtor or using threats of any kind. Additional prohibited behaviors under this law include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Communicating with a consumer in a false or deceptive way, such as falsely implying that the communication is from an attorney or government agency.
  • Contacting a consumer by phone outside of the hours of 8 AM to 9 PM local time.
  • Using abusive language, such as profanity, racial slurs, or threatening language.
  • Publishing a consumer’s name on public “bad debt” lists.
  • Attempting to collect more than what is owed on the debt by charging unnecessary fees and interest rates.
  • Asking consumers to post-date checks before they are due in order to avoid defaults and late fees charges.
  • Making multiple contacts per day with a debtor or their relatives in order to harass them about payment.
  • Contacting third parties other than the debtor’s attorney, including their employer, family members and neighbors about the debt - unless done for verification purposes only and not for collection purposes

If a violation occurs, it's important to take action to ensure that JHPDE Finance I, LLC is held accountable. Keeping a record of all communication with the company - be it emails, phone calls, letters, etc. - is essential, as this can be used as evidence if litigation becomes necessary.

Consulting an experienced lawyer who specializes in this particular area of law may also be helpful, as they can guide you through proper steps needed and advise on the best options to protect your legal rights.

How Can I Get JHPDE Finance I, LLC Removed from My Credit Report? 

The first step in getting a collections account removed from your credit report is to dispute the information with the credit bureau. You can do this on your own or use a third-party service that specializes in credit repair. When you dispute an entry, the bureau will investigate and, if the information is found to be incorrect, remove it from your report. 

In addition to disputing the collections account with the credit bureau, there are several other steps you can take to get it removed from your report, including the following:

  • Negotiate

Contacting the debt collection agency directly and negotiating a payment plan or settlement agreement may be an option. This could potentially have less of an impact on your credit score than having a collections account remain on your record.

  • Pay off old debts

If you are able to pay off any outstanding debts quickly, this can help remove negative items from your credit report more quickly.

  • Request verification

The debt collector must provide evidence that they own the debt they are trying to collect before they can pursue collections action against you. Requesting verification of ownership can delay or stop collection efforts which may result in removal of negative entries from your credit report after a certain period of time. 

It can also be helpful to work with a qualified attorney who can walk you through the process and negotiate a settlement with the collector. 

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