Plusfour, Inc on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
August 11, 2023

If getting contacted by Plusfour, Inc is causing you stress, that’s ok - you’re not alone. Many Americans face financial struggles and have accounts that reach the collections stage. 

Learning what Plusfour, Inc is and how to get them removed from your credit report can help ease your worries. In this article, we’ll cover what Plusfour, Inc does and provide steps you can take to remove them from your credit report if possible. Getting informed about this process can help you move forward in a better financial state of mind.

What Does Plusfour, Inc Do?

Collectors like Plusfour, Inc, - a Nevada-based company founded in 1984 - are essentially intermediaries between the original loan provider and borrower. Their role is to manage unpaid accounts, contact borrowers to make payment arrangements or offer assistance on repaying debts in installments. 

Usually when a debt has gone past due and entered collections processes, the creditor has essentially written off this debt as lost as they may not be able to retrieve it from the borrower on their own. 

The debt collector can acquire these unpaid accounts for a fraction of the total amount owed, at least so that some money can be collected. They can then take legal action if needed to ensure repayment of the entire amount owed.

Is Plusfour, Inc a Legit Company?

Yes, Plusfour, Inc is a legitimate debt collector - barely. With an F-rating on their Better Business Bureau and dozens of complaints from consumers, the company is essentially a notch above a scam. More information about them can be found below:

  • Phone Number: (702) 898-1033
  • Address: 2600 Paseo Verde Pkwy STE 101 Henderson, NV 89074-7165
  • Website:
  • BBB Rating: 1/5 

If you're considering paying Plusfour, Inc on a debt to get them off your report, taking the extra step to ensure that it is a valid debt is essential. If you make even one payment, you are validating that the debt is indeed yours and are now responsible for paying off the rest. 

Contact Fair Credit before proceeding with payment negotiations. We will help to ensure your credit report is up-to-date and accurate by disputing any errors on your behalf. 

What Can I Do If I’m Being Harassed by Plusfour, Inc?

It's important that consumers are aware of their rights so they can navigate debt collection activity effectively and protect their interest. 

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is the federal law that outlines consumer rights, including the right to dispute a debt, the right to refuse communication during certain hours, and the right to demand proof of ownership within 30 days from the collector. 

Understanding your rights according to the FDCPA can help you incrementally increase your peace of mind when dealing with debt collectors. The following actions are illegal under federal law:

  • Falsely claiming to be a lawyer or government representative
  • Communicating with consumers using false or misleading language
  • Harassing, oppressing, or abusing consumers through contact methods such as phone calls, emails, text messages and automated dialers
  • Engaging in unfair debt collection practices like threatening criminal action, garnishing wages without court orders and collecting more than what is owed
  • Reporting false information on consumer credit reports
  • Contacting family members and employers about the consumer's debt
  • Refusing to provide proof of the debt when asked by the consumer
  • Denying consumers their rights to dispute debts or negotiate repayment plans

Protecting your rights from a collector can be difficult, but you shouldn't shy away from legal action if Plusfour breaks the law. If you go this route, it's crucial to document any offenses the collector has committed against you in order to have adequate proof if and when taken to court. 

Additionally, working with a lawyer who specializes in consumer law can be extremely beneficial as they can review the case thoroughly and provide their expert advice on how to proceed. 

Who Does Plusfour, Inc Collect For?

Plusfour, Inc collects for a broad range of industries - this includes everything from financial institutions to government, telecommunications, rental companies and more. The company's primary wheelhouse is the healthcare industry - since there are recent laws that provide enhanced consumer protections to those managing medical debt, it's important to research which of those apply to your situation before proceeding in negotiations with the company.

How Can I Get Plusfour, Inc Removed from My Credit Report? 

Dealing with a collections account can be an incredibly stressful experience when it appears on your credit report. It’s important to take action fast to ensure the negative effects are minimized. By following these steps, you can get a Plusfour Inc collections account removed from your credit report in no time:

  • Request a copy of your credit report from all three major reporting bureaus to verify accuracy.
  • File a dispute with the credit bureau that is reporting the inaccurate information.
  • Contact Plusfour Inc and ask them to remove the collection account from your credit report, explaining why it’s not accurate or up-to-date information.
  • Keep records of all conversations with Plusfour Inc as proof for any future disputes that may arise as a result of their actions or lack thereof.

If Plusfour Inc fails to comply with your request and refuses to remove the collections account from your credit report, then it’s time to take further action by filing suit against the company. 

You should also consider enlisting the help of an attorney if you need additional guidance throughout this process.

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