Receivables Performance Management (RCVL Per MNG) on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
April 24, 2023

Are you receiving phone call after phone call from a company called Receivables Performance Management? Maybe you’re getting letters, or they might be attempting to contact your family members. It could also be that your first introduction to this name was when you checked your credit report and were surprised to find them listed on it. 

Regardless of your situation, no one wants to feel like they’re being bombarded with unwanted correspondence, especially if it borders on harassment.

You have other priorities in your life and likely want to stop the persistent phone calls from Receivables Performance Management, also known as RPM. If that sounds like you, below are steps to clear your credit and regain control of your life.

Why Is Receivables Performance Managing Contacting Me?

Receivables Performance Management is a Washington-based debt collection company. You’ll also hear it referred to as a third-party debt collector or a provider of recovery services. When someone has a past-due owed debt, a collection company like Receivables Performance Management will try to get the unpaid funds through frequent phone calls, letters, and other types of contact.

Is Receivables Performance Management a Legitimate Company?

If you’re getting calls from them, you might question whether or not RPM is a scam. They are not a scam and are a legitimate debt collection company. Just because they’re a legitimate company doesn’t mean their records are always accurate, and it doesn’t mean they’re always following federal guidelines in collecting debts.

There are several scenarios where the information on your credit report can be inaccurate. Examples include:

  • Your name is the same or similar to someone else’s, so the files get mixed. Then, Receivables Performance Management or other debt collectors might be trying to contact you incorrectly.
  • Maybe you did hold the debt the company is calling you about, but you’ve since paid it or worked it out with another company, yet Receivables Performance Management keeps trying to contact you.
  • You could be an identity theft victim.
  • An account could be reported as delinquent when it’s current.
  • There could be legitimate debts, but they’re listed more than once.

If you’re getting calls from this company about a debt that’s wrong, already paid, or you’re up-to-date, an FCRA attorney can help you eliminate the inaccuracies and, in some cases, seek damages on your behalf.

Receivables Performance Management LLC is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has been since 2014. They currently have a B rating but some problematic customer reviews. Within the past three years, 287 complaints against the company have been closed.

Consumers frequently file complaints against RPM, including for the company not validating their debt and making aggressive phone calls repeatedly. There are also scenarios where consumers say they saw RPM on their credit report without receiving any other correspondence beforehand.

How to Contact Receivables Performance Management

If you want to contact this company, you can reach them at the following:

  • Website:
  • Phone number: 866-269-9306
  • Address: PO Box 1548, Lynwood, WA 98046

It’s not advisable to directly contact a debt collector until speaking to an FCRA attorney because it can make the situation worse. 

Who Does Receivables Performance Management Collect For?

If you see Receivables Performance Management or RPM on your credit report, they’re trying to collect on behalf of another company, making them third-party debt collectors. The company collects for retail, healthcare, state and local government, utilities, and telecommunications.

What Should I Do If Receivables Performance Management is Harassing Me?

Debt collectors have limitations on how to collect a debt. There are federal laws that restrict companies like RPM, and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act is a federal law that prevents companies from behaving deceptively, unfairly, or abusively.

Under the FDCPA, a debt collector can’t intentionally contact you at times or places that are inconvenient. They can’t harass you or your family member over the phone or via any other communication method. If they know you’re working with an attorney about your debt, they typically have to stop trying to contact you and contact your attorney instead. 

You can send a letter to a debt collector asking them to stop contacting you, although this doesn’t prevent them from taking other legal actions against you.

Anyone claiming you owe a debt payment is also legally required to tell you specific information about that debt, including how much you owe, the creditor’s name, and the name and address of the original creditor if it’s different from the current one. They have to tell you that you can dispute the debt.

You can also file a complaint about the debt collector to the Federal Trade Commission or the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau although it may take working with a legal professional to get a debt collection company to take notice. 

How to Get Receivables Performance Management Removed From Your Credit

Your credit report is important for your financial future and for making big purchases. If you have a debt from Receivables Performance Management on your credit report or you’re receiving calls, the first step is to contact a Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) consumer protection attorney. 

Then, from there, you’ll learn what your options are. If the debt is incorrect for any reason, fully or partially, which is often the case, an attorney can advocate on your behalf. An FCRA attorney will file a dispute with the company, during which time they should no longer be engaging in any collections activities. The right to dispute debts and have them removed is part of the FCRA, ensuring transparency, accuracy, and fairness. 

Once a dispute is submitted, the company has to investigate it and update or remove the incorrect information, according to federal law. 

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There’s no reason to feel you’re held hostage by unfair debt collection practices. If Receivables Performance Management is trying to contact you over an inaccurate debt, or you feel like their calls are taking over your life, the Fair Credit attorneys can help. Get in touch today for a free review of your case, and we can outline the appropriate steps to protect yourself financially. 

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