Synergetic Communication on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
June 6, 2023

Synergetic Communication is a company also known as Syncomcorp. You might see this company name listed on your credit report, in a letter that comes to your home, or you could get calls from someone who says they’re a representative.

How should you deal with this? Is it a scam, and how can you get Synergetic Communication removed from your credit report if they’re listed there? These are all common questions, and there are solutions if you’re dealing with this company and would like to resolve the problem proactively. 

What is the Synergetic Communication Company?

Synergetic Communication is a debt collector. The company is located in Houston. Synergetic Communication is a third-party collector. If a consumer has a debt with a creditor and the account becomes delinquent, that company might turn it over to Synergetic Communication so they can try to collect it.

Debt collectors are never creditors. Creditors are the original companies people have accounts with. The distinction between debt collectors and creditors is important to understand because you have more rights when dealing with a debt collection agency like Synergetic Communication. 

Is Synergetic Communication Legitimate?

Synergetic Communication as a company is not a scam. They are legitimate, but the issue can become that they might be trying to collect on a debt that isn’t yours or that you don’t actually owe.

Who Does Synergetic Communication Collect For?

This debt collector is licensed to collect throughout the United States, and they focus on large-balance accounts. Primarily, Synergetic Communication collects on delinquent car and home loans, but they also work with other types of businesses, like utility companies and bank and credit card companies.

What Should I Do If Synergetic Communication Calls Me?

If you get a call from Synergetic Communication, you should know your legal rights because of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). The FCRA has been a law for decades related to how financial records are reported and maintained, and it also protects consumer credit reports. Before the FRCA became law, there weren’t protections against companies listing negative information or keeping outdated information on credit reports, causing financial damage to consumers. 

Under the FCRA, debt collectors have to do certain things to remain compliant with federal law, including:

  • A debt collector can’t report information they believe is untrue or have been told isn’t accurate.
  • Creditors and collectors must have policies in place to ensure they’re reporting information on the correct person, including their identifying information.
  • A debt collector has to provide you with the original date of your delinquency, and they can’t re-age or duplicate debts.
  • Collection agencies and creditors have to update and correct information when needed.

If you dispute a debt with Synergetic Communication or your lawyer does so on your behalf, they must also let the credit reporting agency know there’s a dispute in process.

Despite the FCRA, more than one-third of Americans found errors in a recent study when asked to review their credit reports. The risk of an error on a credit report is high. If some or all of the information you get from Synergetic Communication is wrong, you can dispute it and potentially have it removed from your credit report. An FCRA attorney can also manage a dispute on your behalf. 

Another law is also relevant to debt collectors—the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. This law focuses primarily on what debt collectors can and can’t say and do. You have the right not to experience harassment, threats, or intimidation.

Debt collectors can’t purposely try to call you at inconvenient times or keep calling you at work if you’ve requested they not. A collection agency can only call your work in the first place to verify your identity. 

Disputing Information from Synergetic Communication

When you feel something is wrong and that’s why a debt collector is contacting you, or it’s listed on your credit report, while it is your right to dispute it on your own, working with an attorney can be a better option. If you don’t and you try to contact Synergetic Communication on your own, for example, you might accidentally do or say something that restarts the statute of limitations on a debt. 

On the other hand, an FCRA attorney can do all the communicating with Synergetic Communication for you, make sure the proper steps are followed for the dispute, and help you clear your credit without the stress and anxiety that can come with dealing with debt collectors. 

Synergetic Communication Won’t Remove Information From My Credit Report

Maybe you’ve gone through the steps to dispute a debt on your own, and Synergetic Communication is still calling you or listed on your credit report. This could be true for many reasons. Maybe they’re ignoring your dispute or haven’t investigated it.

They could be unresponsive altogether or have agreed your dispute was correct, yet the information still affects you financially. When you have negative information on your credit report, you might be unable to open new accounts or even buy or rent a home. 

Unfortunately, despite the federal protections you have as a consumer in the U.S., companies aren’t always compliant.

You may have to take the situation a step further to repair your credit, remove mistakes or fraudulent reporting, and deal with Synergetic Communication. An FCRA attorney can be a helpful resource and a helpful way to get the attention of a creditor or debt collector when otherwise they’re nonresponsive or non-compliant. You may even be able to recover compensation for damages when working with an attorney. 

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At Fair Credit, we understand the impact on your mental health and financial security when dealing with a debt collector. We are FCRA attorneys who specialize in consumer rights. If you need help dealing with Synergetic Communication, please reach out, and we’ll review your case for free. From there, we can start to outline the next steps that will be best in your specific situation.

We can help you ensure your rights are protected; in some situations, you can even receive compensation because of violations of the FCRA.

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