Universal Fidelity LP (UFLP) on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
May 27, 2023

Universal Fidelity LP, or UFLP, might be listed on your credit report, or you could get phone calls from a company representative. Both situations can cause unnecessary stress and headaches, and you might have difficulty qualifying for new accounts and credit. This is frustrating, especially if you don't owe Universal Fidelity AP any money, but the company says you do.

What Kind of Company Is Universal Fidelity?

Universal Fidelity is a collection agency. The company works with original creditors to help collect past-due customer funds. When a company operates like this, they're known as a third-party debt collector. Universal Fidelity LP doesn't extend credit or accounts or originate loans, so the name is unfamiliar to most people initially.

Is Universal Fidelity LP Legitimate?

If you start getting calls from Universal Fidelity LP, you'll probably wonder if you're being scammed. The company is legitimate, and they aren't a scam, but is guided by federal laws regarding how it can contact you and try to collect a debt from you. Under these laws, you also have the right to receive in-depth information from Universal Fidelity LP about the debt they say you owe or to have an attorney gather it on your behalf. 

The company is based in Katy, Texas, and has been operational since 1991.

The company is accredited by the Better Business Bureau and has an A+ rating, but there are still some negative consumer reviews against Universal Fidelity LP. 

Who Does Universal Fidelity LP Collect For?

Universal Fidelity works with all types of creditors across industries. Unlike many third-party collections companies, they don’t necessarily specialize in any one industry or area. 

Why Am I Getting Calls From Universal Fidelity LP?

If UFLP is calling you, there are two situations that you might be dealing with.

In one situation, you may have gotten credit or opened an account with a company. If you didn't make payments or pay off your balance as you agreed, the company could have turned your debt over to UFLP to collect for them. You should check your credit report, and you may find two negative pieces of information there. 

The original creditor might have reported to one or more of the three bureaus, and you might also have a collections account listed with Universal Fidelity LP.

The second situation is that UFLP has wrong information about you, and they're trying to collect a debt you don't owe, which happens more often than most consumers realize.

Errors can occur if the original creditor submits the wrong information to UFLP. This could begin their calls to you, and you probably have no idea why.

It might also be that you didn't get any calls, and you only first know that something is wrong when you check your credit report and see the name Universal Fidelity LP.

Information on credit reports can be wrong for numerous reasons. For example, someone else's information may be on your credit report, especially if you have the same or similar name or similar social security numbers.

Debts could be listed as new when old, or you might be an identity theft victim.

How To Remove Universal Fidelity LP from Your Credit

When your credit is affected by any negative information, there are significant financial consequences. You might not qualify for new accounts. You could be prevented from getting a new home or car because your credit score has declined due to negative reporting from UFLP. Even if you can get new credit, your interest rates will probably be higher.

It’s also possible your existing accounts will be affected. For example, if you have a current line of credit open and that company checks only to see your score has declined, they can reduce your available credit.

If you want Universal Fidelity LP off your credit because you don't believe you owe money, you're protected under the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

Based on the FCRA, you have a right to receive the full details about whatever UFLP is trying to collect from you. The company should send you this information as soon as they first contact you, but unfortunately, this doesn't always happen. If you haven't gotten this information, or even if you have but aren’t sure what to do next, speak to an FCRA attorney. 

If a debt is fraudulent, or there’s a mistake or inaccuracy in some or all of it, your attorney can then handle the dispute process on your behalf so that you don’t have to deal with the stress of being in contact with a debt collector. 

If the debt is investigated and there's an error, it should be removed from your credit report within 30 days. 

If the debt has reached the statute of limitations, which is usually seven years, it should also be removed from your credit report, even if you did at one point owe it.

What to Do About Calls From Universal Fidelity LP

If you keep getting calls from Universal Fidelity LP, whether you owe a debt or not, they have to follow the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). Debt collectors can't rely on harassment, threats, certain language, or contacting you at inconvenient times as part of their work to collect money. If they do, they're violating the FDCPA, another federal law.

Debt collection agencies like Universal Fidelity are required to be forthcoming with all information, completely transparent, and respect certain boundaries in their communication. 

Do You Need Help Dealing with Universal Fidelity LP?

While it should be simple to dispute a debt, especially given the federal consumer protections, that's not always the case. If you need help getting Universal Fidelity LP off your credit, we can help. We're FCRA attorneys and understand that legal representation can sometimes be the only way to get the attention of a debt collector. We encourage you to call us as soon as possible because trying to talk to a debt collector directly without having a lawyer review your case first can worsen the situation. 

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