Waypoint Resource Group on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
April 25, 2023

Are you getting calls from someone claiming to be from Waypoint Resource Group? If so, you should first know they're trying to collect a debt. Whether or not it's a valid debt can be a different story. It's stressful, overwhelming, and intimidating when a company continues to call you, and you might not even have any idea why.

It's even worse if they're aggressive, threatening, or purposely trying to intimidate you. So what comes next? We outline some steps below to take if you're dealing with Waypoint Resource Group.

Why Is Waypoint Resource Group Contacting Me?

If you're getting calls, letters, or emails from Waypoint Resource Group, it's because you owe a debt or because they believe you do, possibly because of an error on your credit report.

If you start getting calls from any debt collection company, one of the best first steps is requesting copies of your credit report. You should request copies from three agencies—Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion. While your reports will probably look fairly similar, there can also be differences. For example, you might see Waypoint Resource Group listed on one but not the other two.

Then, once you have a copy of your reports, you can see if the information is accurate.

If you find something on your report that isn't accurate, which could be due to a number of reasons, including mistakes and identity theft, then you should contact a Fair Credit Reporting Act attorney. It’s best to talk to a lawyer first to avoid making the situation with a debt collector worse or more challenging to deal with. 

You may need to get an FCRA lawyer involved because it's all too common that collections companies don't update their files and keep trying to contact you even when there's an error on your report or something should have been taken off. 

Is Waypoint Resource Group a Legitimate Company?

Waypoint Resource Group describes itself as an accounts receivable company, another way of saying they're a debt collection company. Your first question if you get calls from them might be whether or not they're even a legitimate company. The answer is yes; Waypoint Resource Group is a real company. They're based in Texas, and while they're not a scam, the company isn't accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

They currently have a B- rating with the organization and several consumer complaints. Some of the most frequent customer complaints and reviews include not being responsible for the debt the company is trying to collect. Consumers also report that they were treated disrespectfully or rudely while in touch with Waypoint Resource Group.

The company is a third-party debt collector. You might be getting calls from them and wondering why since you've never done business with any company by this name. That's common—in reality, other companies hire third-party collectors like Waypoint Resource Group to make calls and collect debts for them.

Who Does Waypoint Resource Group Collect For?

Waypoint Resource Group works for companies in a few main industries. The first is the automotive industry, so if you have a car loan past due, you could hear from them. Another industry they collect for is telecommunications, which can include cable and satellite services. Waypoint Resource Group also collects for energy, utility, and healthcare companies such as doctors' offices, clinics, and hospitals.

What Are My Rights?

One thing that people tend to be surprised about is the fact that they do have rights when it comes to debt collectors, even if they owe a debt. You can't be harassed, bullied, or threatened by a collector, thanks to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or the FDCPA. 

Does that mean that a debt collector isn't allowed to call you? No, but it does mean there are limits on how they can act when they do.

For example, if you're being harassed or they're calling you at knowingly inconvenient times, they're violating this law.

In this situation, you can send them a letter asking them to stop. It can also be a good idea to work with a lawyer specializing in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act to get them to cease their noncompliant debt collection strategies. 

The FCRA is also a broad law, federally, that protects every consumer in the U.S. Under the FCRA, there are rights to transparency, fairness, and accuracy when it comes to your financial information, your credit reports, and the information they contain, as well as how this information is accessed. 

Having this law in place is important because your credit score and credit history affect so many areas of your life. Having an error on your credit can mean you lose out on the opportunity to get a mortgage, open credit cards, or have other financial accounts. You might not be able to rent a new home, and it can even affect employment opportunities. Errors on your credit report can mean you pay a higher interest rate if you are able to get new accounts. These effects highlight the importance of working with a consumer protection attorney to safeguard your rights and ensure any information is corrected or removed when appropriate.  

As part of the FCRA, an attorney can dispute information on your behalf, and the collections agency is required to correct it after an investigation if it is, in fact, fully or partially wrong. The investigation usually has to be completed in 30 days, but it can take as long as 45 days in limited situations. 

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If Waypoint Resource Group calls you because of a debt that's not yours or is a mistake, and you're sick of hearing from them repeatedly, the attorneys at Fair Credit can help. There's no reason you have to live under a cloud of these phone calls or the negative effects on your credit. 

Get in touch today for a free review of your case, and we can help you identify the best next steps in your situation.

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