All State Credit Bureau on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
July 2, 2023

When you’re dealing with debt and trying to climb out of a financial hole, getting bullied by All State Credit Bureau can make it feel like you’ll never escape. You might have been harassed with phone calls, emails, or letters all detailing how much money you owe them — and although it may not feel like it, there is hope.

In this article, we will lay out strategies for fighting back against relentless creditors and taking back control of your finances. Read on to find out more about how you can stand up to All State Credit Bureau.

What Does All State Credit Bureau Do?

All State Credit Bureau is a debt collector that's been operating out of Mississippi for nearly 65 years. When a creditor is unable to force borrowers to repay their debts, they may turn to debt collectors like All State Credit. Debt collectors purchase these debts - often for a fraction of the amount owed - and then aggressively pursue payment on behalf of the original creditors.

They have the right to get back the full amount that is owed, though they often settle for less than the actual debt due to loopholes in collection laws. The primary function of debt collectors is extracting payment for creditors from people and businesses that have previously not paid or been uncooperative with other attempts at collection.

Is All State Credit Bureau a Legit Company?

Yes, All State Credit Bureau is a legitimate debt collector insofar as the company is legally allowed to collect on debts. Their contact information can be referenced below:

  • Phone Number: (248) 354-0500
  • Address: 22000 Springbrook Ave Ste 201 Farmington Hills, MI 48336-4375
  • BBB Rating: 1/5

It's worth noting that All State Credit Bureau currently has a dismal F-rating from the Better Business Bureau, and customers have rated the company one star out of five on the website. 

A cursory glance of the site’s reviews shows there appear to be many instances in which this company has attempted to collect on debts that were never actually owed. Consumers should proceed with caution if contacted by any debt collection agency — especially ones like this with a track record of shady business practices.

Why Am I Getting Phone Calls from All State Credit Bureau? 

Getting contacted by All State Credit Bureau about an outstanding debt can be disconcerting, especially if you're not familiar with the debt. While a change of address or being away from home for an extended period may lead to unpaid bills that you didn't even know about, it's also very much a possibility that the company is pursuing you for a debt you don't owe.

Before agreeing to any payment arrangement, ensure that the debt actually belongs to you and that the amount due is accurate or ask for additional evidence citing your obligations. Here are a few cases where the company may attempt to collect on a debt that isn't yours:

  • Paid debts

Those which have been settled and no longer require payment.

  • Disputable debts

Unverified or disputed debts, such as those that may not be accurate or are not yours.

  • Identity theft accounts

Accounts opened in your name without your knowledge or consent by an imposter.

  • Falsely reported late payments

Incorrectly reported delinquent payments that have been made on time or paid in full.

If you feel that a debt collector is wrongfully attempting to collect on a debt that does not belong to you, know that you are not powerless. Reach out to our team today - Fair Credit will navigate the dispute process and make sure any false debts are removed from your report.

What Can I Do If I’m Being Harassed by All State Credit Bureau?

When debt collectors turn to aggressive tactics - like those often employed by All State Credit Bureau - in order to pursue overdue payments, it is essential that you gain an understanding of the FDCPA in order to ensure that your rights are protected. 

The FDCPA provides consumers with legal recourse should they experience any form of material harassment or abuse from debt collectors seeking repayment. Some prohibited behaviors under this law include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • False or misleading representations, such as falsely implying that a communication is from an attorney or government agency.
  • Threatening to take action that cannot legally be taken, such as threatening to sue consumers when they are not legally obligated to do so.
  • Using profane language or attempting to intimidate consumers during the collection process.
  • Contacting consumers outside of the hours allowed by law (generally between 8 AM - 9 PM local time).
  • Contacting consumers at their place of employment after being informed this is not acceptable or prohibited by the employer.
  • Failed attempts to collect more than what is legally owed, such as unlawfully charging additional fees for debt collection activities and attempting to collect interest on an unpaid debt.
  • Sharing or publishing a consumer's personal information without permission beyond what is necessary in order to collect on a valid debt owed by the consumer.

If you're dealing with violations of your rights by All State Credit Bureau, having written proof of conversations or other communication transferred can be incredibly useful. These records will help you prove that your side of the story is the truth and that you are entitled to compensation according to consumers’ rights laws. 

If legal action should be required, it’s best to seek advice from a legal professional to make sure that everything is properly taken care of. With their guidance and expertise, you can navigate the complex field of contract law and consumer protections, as well as ensure all paperwork is up-to-date, filled out correctly and filed accordingly.

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