Bc Services on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
October 27, 2023

When you find that a company has reported negative information to one or more credit bureaus, it’s important to get to the bottom of the situation and often to contact a consumer protection attorney to clear the information from your credit file. BC Services is one such company you might see listed on your credit report, or you could receive calls from this company, letters, or other forms of communication. So what can you do?

What Is BC Services?

BC Services is a debt collector that works on a third-party basis, but they don’t originate credit accounts or provide services to consumers otherwise. If someone opens an account with a creditor or receives services and doesn’t pay their bill on time, the company might use its internal team to contact them at first. 

Then, eventually, they might feel they don’t have the time or resources to dedicate to trying to collect on the delinquent account, so they’ll turn it over to a company like BC Services.

Why Is BC Services Calling Me?

If you get phone calls from BC Services, there’s a high likelihood they’re trying to collect a debt from you.

Is BC Services a Scam?

BC Services isn’t a scam. They’re a legitimate company in Longmont, Colorado, with a Better Business Bureau accreditation since 2005. While BC Services maintains an A-plus rating with the BBB, there are many consumer complaints against the company.

One of the common focuses of these complaints is that consumers say they never heard anything from BC Services until it appeared on their credit reports. Debt collection agencies are supposed to try and contact consumers in other ways before they report to a credit bureau or take legal action. 

Consumers also say that when they’ve attempted to contact BC Services about debts or when they believe there’s been an error, they were asked for personal information like their Social Security number. When they were uncomfortable providing it to the company, the representative told them they couldn’t help them.

Who Does BC Services Collect For?

BC Services collects in various industries, including healthcare, government entities, utility companies, and financial services providers.

Your Rights When Dealing with BC Services

When it comes to a debt collection company like BC Services, you have rights as a consumer. One relevant law is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The FDCPA is a law that dictates what a debt collector can say and do.

Some of the things that collection companies aren’t allowed to do include the following:

  • Call people before 8 a.m.
  • Make calls to consumers after 9 p.m.
  • Misrepresent who they are, why they’re calling, or their legal authority.
  • Call repeatedly.
  • Talk to a third party about someone else’s debt, like an employer or family member.
  • Use threats or harassment.
  • Continue to call when someone asks them to stop.

There’s also the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The FCRA’s primary goals are to protect the information that consumer reporting agencies, including credit bureaus, collect. It also protects information that medical companies collect and tenant screening services. For someone to access your protected information, because of the FCRA, they have to have a purpose specified under the law.

As part of the FCRA, you have the right to know what’s on your credit report and dispute anything you believe is incorrect or invalid. There are frequent errors in debt collection and how information is reported to credit bureaus. Some of these errors include the following:

  • Identifying information is mixed up.

If two consumers have similar names to each other, or Social Security numbers that are close matches, their personal information can then be mixed up, and that can lead to a debt collector like BC Services wrongly contacting one person or submitting negative information to one or more credit bureaus.

  • Old debts are reported as new.

Debts are typically supposed to fall off credit reports after seven years. Sometimes, a person might check their credit and find something is listed as new or should have been removed but hasn’t been.

  • Incorrect account details

There are many ways incorrect account details can affect your credit or lead to calls from a debt collector. For example, maybe you did have an account with the original creditor, but the incorrect part is the balance a debt collector says you owe, or you might have made on-time payments, but you’re being reported as late.

You have the right to dispute any information you believe is incorrect related to your finances and credit. Under the FCRA, once a dispute is submitted on your behalf, the company that receives it should investigate, typically within 30 days, and report its findings. Then, anything that’s wrong should be removed or updated.

How Do Collections Accounts Affect Your Credit?

Thirty-five percent of your credit score is estimated to be based on your payment history. If you have an account in collections, whether it’s valid or there’s a mistake, your credit score will take a big hit.

When your score drops because of an account with a debt collector, you will be prevented from making financial progress. You might not be able to get credit cards or loans or even rent a home. You might also have a hard time opening other types of accounts, like utility accounts.

Get BC Services Off Your Credit

While you can dispute BC Services on your own, most consumers find this isn’t the best path. Debt collectors are notorious for ignoring disputes or concerns and being generally unresponsive. If you want to proactively and efficiently get BC Services off your credit, stop their calls, and put them out of your mind, a consumer protection attorney can help. 

They can manage all interactions with a debt collector, so you don’t have to deal with the stress or the worry that you might worsen the situation.

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