Constar Financial Services on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
May 18, 2023

Did you check your credit report and see Constar Financial Services listed as a collections account? Maybe you haven’t yet checked your report, but you’re getting letters or calls from someone who claims to be from Constar Financial Services. If you’re in either of these situations, you’re probably confused and overwhelmed, especially since you aren’t familiar with the business name.

There are so many situations just like these. If your credit is affected by Constar Financial Services, it will impact your ability to get credit cards or loans. Even if a lender or financial services company approves you, you will probably have a significantly higher interest rate.

There are steps to deal with this company and reclaim your financial situation. You can get Constar Financial Services off your credit report, allowing you to move forward. 

What Is Constar Financial Services?

Constar Financial Services is a debt collection company. They also do business under the name Empereon Constar. Other businesses outsource their debt collection to Constar Financial Services, so you’re probably unfamiliar with the company name. If you legitimately owe a debt, a company might hire Constar Financial Services to collect it. Your original debt wasn’t with Constar, so they’re called a third-party collections agency.

Is Constar Financial Services Legit?

There are a lot of scams that happen every day, so if you’re getting calls and letters or you see them listed on your credit report, you’re probably wondering if Constar Financial Services is a real company. They are legitimate and not a scam, but you need to verify your debt with them because there are often errors on credit reports.

The company is located in Phoenix, Arizona.

Who Does Constar Financial Services Collect For?

Constar Financial Services, aka Empereon Constar, collects for businesses in various industries. These industries include automotive, financial services, retail and eCommerce, communications, and travel and hospitality.

Why Is Constar Financial Services Calling Me?

If you’re getting calls from Constar Financial Services, two general situations could be happening.

In one situation, you might have a debt with a company. If you're late on payments or stopped making payments, the company might have contracted Constar Financial Services to collect that debt.

When you have an account in collections, you still have legal rights, especially under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. The FDCPA is a federal law, and everyone is protected under it. This law covers what debt collectors can and can’t do when they’re dealing with consumers. 

For example, if debt collectors use harassment, deception, or threats as they try to get money from you, they’re violating the FDCPA.

If a collections company is purposely contacting you at inconvenient times, they’re also violating this law.

When you have a debt that you legitimately owe, and it’s gone to collections, you can work out a settlement or payment plan. The debt should also go off your credit report after seven years. This period of time is known as a statute of limitations. You shouldn’t work out any payment plans or settlements without talking to a consumer protection attorney first to understand your rights. 

While Constar Financial Services could be calling you about a debt you do owe, there are many other situations where it’s not something you owe.

Errors on your credit report can occur because names or other personal information get mixed up. Errors can also happen if the original creditor has the wrong information related to your payments or balance. You could be an identity theft victim, or the debt could be old, meaning it shouldn’t be listed on your credit report, but it still is.

These situations require a different approach.

Disputing a Debt with Constar Financial Services

If you believe that Constar Financial Services is contacting you based on incorrect information, get in touch with a Fair Credit Reporting Act attorney as soon as possible. Along with the FDCPA, debt collectors have to be compliant with the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA). 

As part of this, they have to be transparent with you and provide you with all the details of the debt they believe you owe or provide your legal representative with the information needed to dispute a debt fully or partially. 

It’s your right under the FCRA to file disputes about anything related to debt or your credit report, but it can be a complex process, which is why having a legal professional on your side helps. 

If a dispute is submitted, a company has typically 30 days to investigate it. They’re required to do so legally. In rare circumstances, they might have 45 days to complete an investigation. After the investigation, the company has to report its findings. 

If you don’t owe the debt, it should be taken off your credit history. 

Constar Financial Services and the FCRA

The objective of the FCRA is to make sure there’s no wrong information reported to credit bureaus.

Unfortunately, there are a lot of instances where your rights can be violated. For example, some debt collectors will tell you they’ll remove a debt only if you pay, known as pay for delete. If a debt is inaccurate, you shouldn’t pay anything.

It could also be that even if you file a dispute with Constar Financial Services, they don’t respond, or they don’t do so in a timely way, or they fail to remove something from your report when it should be.

These are a few examples that highlight the importance of consulting an FCRA lawyer before communicating with Constar Financial Services, agreeing to anything, or taking other steps. 

What Can You Do to Remove Constar from Your Credit Report?

If you’re struggling with Constar Financial Services, and they’re still listed on your credit report when they shouldn’t be, you might have to work with an FCRA attorney. This might be the only way you get the company’s attention. 

If you’d like to learn more, contact Fair Credit. Our team of FCRA attorneys can help you explore and exert your rights when you deal with debt collectors and potentially get this negative information removed from your credit report. We offer free case reviews, so contact us today.

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