Diversified Adjustment Service on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
April 26, 2023

You keep getting calls from Diversified Adjustment Service, but why? Maybe you're also getting letters or emails, or they're calling family members. If this sounds like your situation, know that Diversified Adjustment Service is a third-party debt collector. When they contact you, they're trying to get you to pay a debt you may or may not even owe.

So what can you do? What are your rights? How can you get them off your credit report and to stop calling?

What Is Diversified Adjustment Service?

Diversified Adjustment Service is a third-party debt collector. That's why the name is unfamiliar to you. You didn't originally have a debt with this company. Instead, other companies come to them and hire them to collect debts on their behalf, or they might buy the debt at a discount. The company operates out of Minnesota. 

Essentially, that means that if you're getting calls or letters, or you check your credit report and see it's flagged with the name Diversified Adjustment Service, they bought your debt from a creditor, and they're trying to collect it from you.

Is Diversified Adjustment Service Legitimate?

Diversified Adjustment Service is a legitimate company founded in 1981. The Better Business Bureau accredits it, and despite numerous customer complaints and negative reviews, the company currently has an A+ rating. If you want to contact the company, their information is as follows:

  • Website: DiversifiedAdjustment.com
  • Phone number: 1-800-279-3733
  • Address: PO Box 32145, Fridley, MN 55432

Who Does Diversified Adjustment Service Collect For?

According to their LinkedIn profile, Diversified Adjustment Service collects for various companies throughout America. According to consumer reviews and complaints, they seem to collect quite a bit for Sprint and telecommunications companies. Interestingly, Sprint is out of business, so many of the debts they could collect might be years old.

What Are Your Rights When You Deal with Diversified Adjustment Service?

People have rights regarding how debt collectors work with them, whether they owe the debt or it's an error.

When they begin contacting you, collection companies are legally required to provide you with a validation letter. Still, many consumer complaints against Diversified Adjustment Service indicate they don't do this. If you get calls from this company or see them on your credit report, you should contact a Fair Credit Reporting Act attorney. An FCRA attorney is a consumer protection advocate who can help you determine if you should dispute a debt or what your next steps should be. 

The Fair Credit Reporting Act is important legislation that protects you as a consumer as far as how your financial information is reported, used, and accessed. 

The information an FCRA attorney can request on your behalf as they determine how to dispute or deal with your debt includes:

  • The account number associated with your debt if there is one
  • A statement letting you know that it's from a debt collector
  • Contact information for the debt collector
  •  A name for the original creditor the debt was owed to
  • An itemized list of the amount of the debt, including interest and fees
  • The current debt amount
  • Information about your rights—for example, if you don't dispute the debt in 30 days, the collector will assume it's valid.

So what if the debt Diversified Adjustment Service is calling about isn't valid?

This happens more often than you probably realize. There are many reasons a debt collector might call you when you don't actually owe a debt. Examples include:

  • Your name is similar to someone else's, and your credit files get mixed up.
  • You're the victim of identity theft.
  • You paid the debt and closed it out with another company, but it's listed as unpaid.
  • The debt might be owed, but the amount could be inaccurate.
  • The debt should have already fallen off your credit report for several reasons, and it hasn't.
  • Your account is incorrectly being reported as late or unpaid.
  • There's an issue with the reported balance.

Working with an FCRA is the most effective, efficient way to correct wrong information affecting your credit report or finances. It’s also the best way to deal with debt collectors because otherwise, talking with them directly might make the situation worse. For example, it could lead to a restart on the statute of limitations clock for the debt to expire. 

What If You Do Owe the Debt, But You Want the Calls to Stop?

Even if you legitimately owe a debt, and that's why Diversified Adjustment Service keeps calling or writing to you, that doesn't mean there aren't still steps you can take.

First, know that you have rights under the law.

The two biggest laws relating to debts and your credit history are the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act. The FDCPA focuses on the limits placed on debt collectors. 

Debt collectors can't do many things, according to the FDCPA, like threaten you, harass you, or try to contact you at inconvenient times or locations purposely. Additionally, a debt collector can't use deceptive tactics or try to scare you into paying a debt.

If you feel like a debt collector is doing any of these things, you can send them a letter asking them to stop, and you can also consider working with an FDCPA attorney.

Negative information can stick around on a credit report for up to seven years, reflecting why it’s important to speak to someone experienced in working with debt collectors before taking any other steps. Having something negative on your credit report, especially if it’s fully or partially incorrect, can enormously affect your financial present and future. Without correcting wrong information or having it deleted, you may struggle to open new accounts, rent or buy a home, or even get certain jobs. 

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