Elevate Recoveries, LLC on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
June 14, 2023

Elevate Recoveries, LLC's phone calls can be disruptive, but you don't have to feel powerless. Having knowledge of debt collection practices and understanding your consumer rights arm you with the ability to confidently challenge any unfair practices that occur. 

This article provides valuable insights into how to dispute credit report remarks and identifies when it's necessary to exercise your right to sue a collector over violations made in the debt collection process. With this information, you're better positioned to achieve the desired outcome when dealing with Elevate Recoveries, LLC.

What Does Elevate Recoveries, LLC Do?

Debt collectors, like Elevate Recovery - established in Texas in 2011 - specialize in tracking down individuals and businesses who are behind on payments. They seek to collect what is owed, either by purchasing the debt at a discount and collecting on it as quickly as possible, or earning a commission from the creditor when they collect what is owed. 

They use various methods to attempt collection: placing phone calls to debtors, sending them letters, researching them online or working through law offices. Ultimately, their goal is to negotiate payment of the original amount owed, or establish a payment plan that works for both the debtor and creditor - unfortunately, the process is often unnecessarily taxing on consumers.

Is Elevate Recoveries, LLC a Legit Company?

Yes, Elevate Recoveries, LLC is a legit collector. Don’t ignore them thinking they’re a scam - they won’t simply go away because you ignore them. Their contact information can be found below:

  • Phone Number: (214) 473-5060
  • Website: https://elevaterecoveries.com/
  • Address: PO Box 910009 Sherman, TX 75091-0009
  • BBB Rating: 1/5 

If you find yourself contacted by Elevate Recoveries, LLC it's important that you take extra caution. While they do have a license to collect debt, their 1-star reviews with the Better Business Bureau from consumers make their practices questionable. 

Before entering into any payment arrangement with this company, we advise that you first ensure that the debt is valid. 

This will not only inform you of exactly how much debt is linked to your name, but also give you peace of mind that it is authentic. Taking these precautionary steps can help protect your financial future.

What Can I Do If I’m Being Harassed by Elevate Recoveries, LLC?

If you've been contacted by Elevate Recoveries, LLC or any other debt collector, it's important to understand your rights under the Federal Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The FDCPA is a law in place to protect consumers from unfair and invasive practices of debt collectors. 

It mandates that debt collectors provide clear and accurate information about the amount of debt owed, who the creditor is, and other details so that consumers can identify the validity of their debt claims. 

It also outlines limitations on how often and when debt collectors may call or contact you, as well as rules covering how collection calls can be conducted. Some prohibited practices and behaviors under this law include the following:

  • Falsely representing the legal status of any debt
  • Using deceptive means to collect a debt
  • Collecting more than what is owed without proper authorization
  • Harassing consumers with excessive phone calls, e-mails and letters
  • Threatening legal action which cannot be taken or is not intended to be taken
  • Publishing a consumer’s name on public lists of delinquent debtors
  • Refusing to provide verification of a debt upon request from a consumer
  • Pretending to be an attorney or government agency when collecting debts

To ensure that you are receiving appropriate treatment, it is recommended to document all interactions they initiate or participate in. It can be valuable evidence should a lawsuit ever arise, as accuracy and detail are essential components of court proceedings. Even in the best case scenarios, holding onto records of their activities offers peace of mind by providing a history of events that you can reference later if needed.

For those wishing to pursue litigation against the company, consulting with a specialist in consumer law is essential to maximize your odds of success. Their experience will provide much needed guidance to help steer clear of troubles down the road and have the best chance for a positive outcome.

How Can I Get Elevate Recoveries, LLC Removed from My Credit Report? 

Removing a collections account from your credit report is an important step towards improving your financial standing. A collections account can cause significant damage to your credit score, so taking the right steps to remove it is important. 

Here are some of the steps you can take to get the account removed from your report:

  • Contact Elevate Recoveries and set up payment arrangements if necessary.
  • Send a dispute letter to all three major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) explaining that you have paid or settled the debt in question.
  • Follow up with each bureau at least once a month to ensure that everything has been properly updated on your credit report.
  • Monitor your credit report for any changes and contact the bureaus again if there are discrepancies or errors in reporting.

If after sending out a dispute letter and following up with each of the bureaus does not result in removal of the collections account from your credit report, you may need to consider legal action against Elevate Recoveries LLC for continued reporting of inaccurate information about your debt situation. 

It’s best to consult with an attorney before escalating the matter further or pursuing action against the company in court.

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