Kay Jewelers Collection Agency on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
July 10, 2023

Although it can be difficult to face and tackle debt, having the right information can make the process easier and less intimidating. In this article, we'll provide all the facts you need to take charge of your financial situation if Kay Jewelers Collection Agency has contacted you.

You'll find out what the company is, how it affects your credit score, and how you can have them removed from your credit report for good. With this information, taking control of your debt doesn't have to feel overwhelming – keep reading to get started! 

What Does Kay Jewelers Collection Agency Do?

Kay Jewelers Collection Agency is the collection branch of Kay Jewelers. This department is mostly in charge of handling in-house debts that have become seriously delinquent - however, the company also acts as a third-party agency in some cases.

When Kay Jewelers Collection Agency acts as a third-party debt collector, they will purchase outstanding debts from outside lenders at a reduced rate and then make attempts to collect the full amount owed. This allows borrowers to settle their debts without having to deal directly with their original creditor.

Is Kay Jewelers Collection Agency a Legitimate Company?

Yes, Kay Jewelers Collection Agency is a legitimate debt collector - the company can be pretty aggressive about pursuing debts, so it’s important to understand that they’re not a scam and ignoring them won’t make them go away. Their contact information can be found below: 

  • Phone Number: (650) 992-0709
  • Address: 27 Serramonte Ctr Daly City, CA 94015-2345
  • Website: https://www.signetjewelers.com/
  • BBB Rating: 1/5

Kay Jewelers Collection Agency's 1-star rating with both the Better Business Bureau and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau speaks volumes about their customer service. The numerous complaints filed against them are a warning to customers, as it demonstrates their refusal to work with customers fairly and amicably. 

While the company is within its legal rights to collect on debts, consumers should understand that engaging with the company without proper counsel may ultimately make the situation worse.

What Can I Do If I’m Being Harassed by Kay Jewelers Collection Agency?

Working with debt collectors can be daunting, so knowing your rights as a consumer under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) is essential. By being familiar with your consumer rights, you are better able to protect yourself from unfair or deceptive practices employed by debt collectors. 

The law provides you with some powerful protections, including the right to seek damages from debt collectors who violate your rights. It also ensures that debt collectors must treat you fairly and honestly during collection efforts, and understanding your rights will help ensure you are not taken advantage of as you work with debt collectors. Some prohibited behaviors under the FDCPA include the following:

  • Harassing debtors by using abusive language or making threats of any kind.
  • Contacting debtors at times or places known to be inconvenient (e.g. before 8 AM or after 9 PM).
  • Using false, deceptive, or misleading statements when communicating with debtors about their debts.
  • Implying that the debtor has committed a crime by not paying the debt owed.
  • Refusing to provide verification of a debt upon request by the debtor.
  • Engaging in unfair practices such as collecting amounts not owed or attempting to collect fees, interest, or other charges not authorized by contract or applicable law.
  • Continuing communications with the debtor if requested to cease contact in writing from the debtor, including use of text messages and emails for collection purposes after being notified of a no-contact request from the debtor’s attorney.
  • Revealing information about the debtor’s debts to third parties such as friends, family members, employers etc., without prior written consent from the debtor.

If the company violates any of these protections, you have every right to hold them responsible. Keeping accurate records of any communication with the company is essential as it may serve to strengthen your case should you choose to file a claim against them.

It is best to consult with an experienced lawyer who specializes in this area of law, as they will be able to provide you with the most appropriate advice and legal counsel that best suit your situation and protect your rights and interests.

How Can I Get Kay Jewelers Collection Agency Removed from My Credit Report? 

A collections account from Kay Jewelers can be very damaging to your credit score and impact your overall financial health - but if you take the right steps, you can get the collection account removed from your credit report. It’s important to understand that removing a collections account is not a simple process, but it is possible with the right information and diligence.

Here are a few things you can do to get the negative mark removed:

  • Check to make sure that all of the information in the collections account is accurate

Any inaccuracies should be disputed as soon as possible.

  • Negotiate with the collection agency if you have difficulty paying off the debt

You may be able to arrange for a lower payment or settle for less than what is owed.

  • Once the debt has been paid off or settled - or if there are any inaccuracies 

Contact all three major credit bureaus and request that they remove the collection account from your credit report or file a dispute with each.

Removing a collections account from your credit report can be a lengthy process, but taking these steps will help ensure that it is taken care of correctly. If you’re struggling completing one or more of these on your own, it helps to work with a lawyer that has experience in consumer protection law.

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