One Advantage LLC on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
April 30, 2023

If you’ve checked your credit report recently and see One Advantage LLC listed there, you could be wondering why. It’s probably listed as a collections account, which can be confusing because you’ve probably never done business with a company by this name. You might also be getting letters or phone calls from One Advantage, wondering whether or not you’re being scammed and how to stop these things from happening.

There are steps to get One Advantage off your credit report, improve your score, and eliminate their attempts to contact you.

Why Is One Advantage Calling Me?

If someone claiming to be from a company called One Advantage LLC is calling you, it’s because they are trying to collect a debt. One Advantage is owned by another company, called the Firstsource Company, so you might also hear this name or see it when you check your credit.

If you haven’t checked your credit report lately but you’ve started to get calls from a company like One Advantage, you should pull your reports from each of the three bureaus. Different companies and creditors can report different information, so getting all three is essential. The three main credit bureaus include Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

Go over your reports carefully to determine if One Advantage is listed here and to find errors.

People are often surprised at how frequently errors occur on their credit reports. You might assume the information is correct. In reality, recent research showed more than one-third of people have at least one error in their reports. Some of the most common errors include:

  • Accounts might show up as re-aged

With debt that’s reported to credit bureaus, under federal laws, it can only stay on for seven years. In certain types of bankruptcies, it might stay on for ten years. If an account is incorrectly re-aged, this time starts over, making something stay on your account for longer than it should.

  • Your name could have gotten mixed up with someone else’s, which frequently happens

There might be credit files mixed when people have a similar name and live in the same zip code or among people with similar first names and the same last names. It’s also possible for people who have a similar Social Security number as your own to have credit files that are mixed up. 

  • Identity theft is a big reason unfamiliar accounts might appear on your credit report.
  • You could have paid on time or paid an account fully, but it’s still reported to one of the credit bureaus and negatively affects your score.
  • The balance could be incorrectly listed.
  • You might have voluntarily closed an account, but it’s listed as being in collections.
  • Debts can be listed more than once.

What Is One Advantage?

One Advantage LLC is a third-party debt collector, which is why it’s confusing if you see them on your credit report. You aren’t going to be familiar with the name unless you’ve already been getting calls from them because you don’t have an account or loan through them. One Advantage operates as a third-party collector. Companies hire them to collect for them or sell them a debt.

Who Does One Advantage Collect For?

One Advantage collects for different healthcare companies. This might include doctors and clinics, hospitals, specialty services providers, like dermatologists, and providers of diagnostic testing, like radiologists. 

Is One Advantage a Scam?

One Advantage isn’t a scam. They are a legitimate company based in Belleville, IL. They’ve been in business since 1958 but aren’t currently accredited by the Better Business Bureau. Despite being unaccredited, One Advantage has a B rating with the BBB.

How Do I Know If I Actually Owe the Debt?

If you get calls from the company or see them listed on your credit report, contact a Fair Credit Reporting Act attorney. Do this as soon as possible to avoid further damage related to the debt One Advantage has on file. 

Debt collectors have to adhere to strict standards under federal law. They have to be transparent in how they provide information to consumers when trying to collect a debt. 

Since there are so often mistakes related to debt collections and credit reporting, an attorney can be the best resource to reach out to One Advantage on your behalf, verify the information they’re calling about, and ultimately have it corrected or removed. 

If a consumer tries to dispute something with a company themselves, sometimes, in these situations, they file a dispute and don’t get a response from the debt collector, even though they’re legally required to respond and investigate.

Another situation that’s common is that after a dispute and investigation, the company says they’ll remove the negative information from a credit report, and they never do.

Again, in these situations, an FCRA attorney can help.

If you think you could legitimately owe a debt, it’s still a good idea to talk to a consumer protection attorney before you do anything else. 

Another federal law related to debt collection is the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act or the FDCPA. Debt collectors have to be transparent with you under the FDCPA. They also can’t use harassment or intimidation when trying to collect a debt. 

How Can I Get One Advantage Off My Credit Report?

If your goal is getting One Advantage LLC off your credit report so that you aren’t burdened by a debt that’s wrong or is due to fraud, FCRA attorneys can help. Sometimes it takes legal action to get the attention of creditors and debt collectors. You might not want to spend the time disputing something with a debt collector or run the risk of worsening the situation by saying the wrong thing, again making an FCRA attorney your first point of contact. 

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