Superlative RM on Your Credit Report? Fight Back and Win

Last Updated:
May 31, 2023

Superlative RM could be contacting you, and you're concerned about why. You might also check your credit and see a collections account listed under this name, leaving you questioning what’s going on. These common situations can frequently result from an error, identity theft, or debt you owe, each requiring different steps to fix it, often with help from a consumer protection attorney. 

So, how can you stop calls from Superlative RM or have them removed from your credit report?

What Is Superlative RM?

Superlative RM is a debt collection company. Third-party debt collectors like Superlative RM will buy debt from original creditors, or companies will outsource debt collection activities to them. That’s why you haven’t heard the name before. You didn’t have a debt with this company originally. They’re working on behalf of some other company. 

Is Superlative RM a Real Company?

This is a real company, and they are not a scam, but you still need to take steps detailed below to make sure they’re calling you about an accurate debt that belongs to you. 

Who Is Superlative RM Collecting For?

Superlative RM will work with businesses in various industries like banks or credit unions, car loan companies, and healthcare companies. 

Why Is Superlative RM Calling Me?

There are a few reasons that Superlative RM could be calling you. You could owe a debt to a company they've been hired to collect on behalf of. Superlative RM could be calling you to try and contact your family member who owes a debt. 

In the third scenario, Superlative RM is trying to call you because they have incorrect information and believe you owe a debt that's not yours or is the result of fraud.

So how do you know which situation is true for you?

When Superlative RM calls you, they should provide information about the debt they're referencing, which they're required to do because of federal laws like the Fair Credit Reporting Act and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Under the law, as soon as a debt collector contacts a consumer, they should give them information about the original creditor the debt is owed to and balance and payment details. If you haven't received this, an FCRA can review your case and then communicate with Superlative RM on your behalf. 

You should also check your credit reports at the three major bureaus—Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion.

Debt collectors aren't supposed to submit negative information to credit bureaus until they've notified you of your debt and the details, but that's not always what happens.

Ensure you check all three credit reports from each bureau because information can vary between them. For example, one bureau can list a collections account that the other two don’t.

If you receive information about your debt from Superlative RM, compare it to your own records. Is it fully or partially incorrect? If so, and you contact an FCRA attorney, they can help you take steps to dispute it. 

Disputing a Debt with Superlative RM

Under the FCRA, consumers always have the right to dispute incorrect credit information. Information a debt collector is calling you about or reporting to a credit bureau can be fully or partially incorrect. The FCRA says that once a dispute is submitted, the company that receives it has up to 30 days to do an investigation and update their information. 

Superlative RM might be wrongly trying to collect from you for several reasons.

Your name, for example, could have been mixed up with someone else's, so the debt might belong to another person altogether. The same can happen with other personal information like Social Security numbers.

The original creditor could have reported the wrong information to Superlative RM about your account.

Other mistakes or errors include incorrect balance information and old debts listed as new.

What If I Owe the Debt?

If you believe you owe Superlative RM money and they've provided the correct information, you still have rights because of the FDCPA. For example, Superlative can't use any of the following to collect a debt:

  • Harassment
  • Threats or intimidation
  • Dishonesty

If Superlative RM continues to call you at inconvenient times or contact you at work when you've requested they stop, they're violating the FDCPA. You can send them a written notice asking them to cease anything violating the law. 

You'll still be legally responsible for the debt, so you should still contact an FCRA attorney who can help you with the next steps. 

You may have to wait seven years from the date you were originally delinquent on your debt for it to come off your credit report. 

Getting Superlative RM Off Your Credit Report

If a debt is disputed and the investigation finds you don't owe it, the information should be taken off your credit report if it's listed there. Unfortunately, this isn't always what happens if you don’t have a legal representative. You could struggle to get a debt collector to respond to you, conduct an investigation, or tell you their findings. The debt collector might also disagree that the debt isn't valid.

You will find it challenging to move forward financially if you don’t get Superlative RM off your credit report. Plus, your current credit accounts can be affected. For example, if you have a credit card and that company checks your credit and sees a drop in your score, they might lower your limit. 

Legal help and working with an FCRA attorney could be your best option in these circumstances.

Even when you report violations to consumer protection bureaus, it's often not enough to get the attention of a debt collection company and make them take the appropriate action without a lawyer. 

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